Does The Boy You Like… Like You Back? 9 Signs He Does!

Does The Boy You Like… Like You Back? 9 Signs He Does!
Women are blessed with intuitive qualities. If our gut tells us something is wrong, then, in all probability, something is wrong. Women often listen to this inner voice that guides them, but sometimes, this very inner voice fails to give the right answers. Specially when it comes to men! If you aren’t sure of whether or not a guy likes you, here’s a list for you to go through and figure out for yourself if he really is into you or not.

1. He sends you texts throughout the day

Your day starts with a text message from him, and ends the same way too. During certain times of the day, he will make sure that you know that you are on his mind. He will call or message to check on you - if you’ve had lunch, or if you liked the video from that link he sent you, etc. Basically, he keeps in touch with you throughout the day.

1 He is totally into you

2. He makes plans with you and includes you in his plans

He will deliberately make plans with you because he wants to be with you. Even if you make excuses, he will be persistent because he really does enjoy your company. When he goes out to meet his friends, he casually drops you a message saying, “Hey can I pick you up at 6, I’d love it if you could come and chill with me and my friends”.

3. He tries to make you laugh

Because he genuinely loves to see that smile on your face. And despite the fact that his jokes are terrible, you can’t help but laugh anyway.

3 He is totally into you

4. He remembers things about you

Like your favourite colour, or your favourite movie, what you dislike eating, etc...because he’s trying to impress you! He wants you to know that he listens to what you have to say and that you matter to him.

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5. He is protective of you

Even if you two are casually hanging out and another guy checks you out, he will make his presence felt. He will drop you home and won’t leave till he knows you’re in your room, safe and sound. He generally is worried about you and wants to be around you always!

5 He is totally into you

6. His body language suggests so

He is constantly trying to make you feel comfortable too. He gives you your space and isn’t too overbearing. He maintains a respectable distance while sitting with you, yet he constantly looks right into your eyes the whole time and talks to you with confidence.

7. He opens up to you easily

He tells you his secrets, what he is interested in, he tells you his future plans because he wants you to know who he is.

7 He is totally into you

8. He constantly reminds you of how special you are

He is always complimenting you - your beautiful face, your beautiful mind, your great sense of humour, your dress sense, how fun you are, etc. He is always full of praises for you!

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9. He gives out hints on social media

He posts lovey-dovey statuses and makes it pretty obvious that it’s for you. He tags you in pictures, videos, songs because it’s easier for him this way to let you and the world know that he’s smitten by you.

9 He is totally into you

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