7 Simple Tips To Help You Find *Your* Unique Personal Style! | POPxo
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7 Simple Tips To Help You Find *Your* Unique Personal Style!

7 Simple Tips To Help You Find *Your* Unique Personal Style!

Fashion trends are short-lived and always in a never-ending loop. Like seasons, they come and go all the time! Style is something much more than that. Style is something that defines who you are. It is your way of representing yourself to the world around you without even speaking a word. It is something personal, unique and eternal. In our quest to find our personal styles, you may have tried a number of different trends and styling tricks...but in the end, style is something that is rooted in you. At first, finding that one style that just speaks to you may seem difficult, but we have broken the process down for you. Here are 7 ways you can find out what you personal style is!

1. Seek inspiration

1 find your personal style If there is someone - a public figure, preferably, that you admire for their dressing sense and you can comprehend their style, take note. There is nothing wrong in taking a little inspiration from the people you admire. This does not mean you’re copying their style. You’re simply being aware of the fact that you gravitate towards a certain style.

2. Analyze your icons

Once you have found your style spirit, one that speaks to you, start analyzing. Most of us have more than one style icon. If we look at them closely, we can find similarities on why we like them. This is when you isolate that particular element and use it to define your own unique style.

3. Declutter and organize

3 find your personal style We all have those dire days when we stand in a cupboard full of clothes and still think we have nothing to wear. We’ve all been there. Having a clean and organized closet will actually put the fun back in picking out clothes and dressing and this will also reflect in the way you dress. And you know you’ve dressed right when you feel good about yourself and you know you look good too!
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4. Snap it

Let’s admit it. We hardly let a day go by without clicking pictures or selfies (all sorts of selfies). Especially on days we know we’re looking good. Make the most of this and go back on the photos of yourself that you like. Look at what you were wearing that day and scrutinize. A good outfit day will always say something personal about your style. Hang on to that!

5. Choose a signature style

5 find your personal style Now that you know how to pull out the key foundations that work towards defining your style, choose a signature style. All the greatest style icons have theirs. Audrey Hepburn had her cropped pants and ballet flats that looked great on her petite frame, Iris Apfel has her larger-than-life glasses that reflect her larger-than-life attitude. The list is endless. Choose one that is yours.

6. Get hold of the “repeats”

All of us have similar looking items in our closet. Some of us might have a number of stripped items, some of us may have lots of tartan shirts or denim shirts etc. Catch hold of these and make them your sweet spot. You gravitate towards them for a reason. Play them with different items and mix and match with trendy items to create ensembles that are on-trend and yet so you!
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7. Be true to yourself

This is hands-down the most important thing to keep in mind when developing your individual style. Don’t focus on trends too much or worry about buying those supposedly cool things everyone out there is wearing or talking about. Your style should talk about your personality, character and reflect who you are as an individual, representing you in the best version of yourself. For instance, chokers are so in vogue right now. I have loved them in the ‘90s and love them now. I enjoy looking at them. But I know that I will never wear them because they’re too edgy for my personal style which is comparatively softer. I’d rather stick to good old Peter Pan collars. That’s my style. Hope this helps you find yours! Images: Shutterstock
Published on Jul 1, 2016
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