7 Simple Ways To Stay Stylish If You Use Public Transport

7 Simple Ways To Stay Stylish If You Use Public Transport
Dear ladies, are you tired of sacrificing your style just for the sake of feeling comfortable while commuting? Don’t worry, we won’t let your schedule take a toll on your style. We know what a task it is to select an outfit that won't get caught in the doors of the metro, or shoes that won’t make your feet uncomfortable while walking a mile or a bag that would let you carry your world in it, all without compromising on your style. Believe it or not girls, but there are ways of commuting in style without compromising on your comfort. Read on as we give you commuter-friendly tips to balance comfort and style effortlessly! Thank us later, we are happy to help!

1. Layering is the key!

Yes ladies, you read it right. Practice the art of layering. Summer layering can make an outfit look really stylish and at the same time it will keep you covered and safe from tanning in the sun.

Try sleeveless jackets and shrugs in light, airy fabrics like cotton or crochet. Avoid synthetic fabrics as they'll only make you sweat more!

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2. Do the dungaree dance!

Dungarees shout style and you definitely need to listen! It is the most comfortable trend ever to be back in fashion. Just pair them up with sneakers and a loose t-shirt or shirt and you are good to go!

2 comfortable while commuting

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3. Maxi dresses to the rescue!

With maxis, you don’t have to be concerned about showing skin any more while commuting via public transport. You can also experiment with long skirts in different patterns. The added perk is that you can never look under-dressed in maxi dresses/ skirts and they are effortlessly stylish! Also, you won't get any weird looks from the metro aunties! It’s a win-win in all the situations.

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4. Ditch heels for flats, flatforms and sneakers!

Yes, because heels are an impractical choice for commuters no matter how we wish they weren't. But, we have new and stylish alternatives like fun flatforms, trendy sneakers and gorgeous flats. Also, flats are available in many different and trendy styles like fringed, gladiators and more. You can also play with colour options in sneakers. Try whites or bold reds. Give them a shot and we bet you won’t regret it!

4 comfortable while commuting

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5. Accessorizing never fails!

The best way to make any boring outfit look stylish is to accessorize it with trendy accessories. The latest in trend are the choker neckpieces and body chains. Add them to any outfit to up your style game.  

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6. Invest in Athleisure!

We thank Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid for introducing us to every commuter’s rescue. Invest in jogger pants and gym jeggings. You can wear them with practically anything! Just add a pair of sneakers and a baseball cap and ta-daaa! You are fashion ready and oh-so comfortable!!

6 - comfortable while commuting

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7. Make backpacks your friends!

They are the best bag options available for commuters. Backpacks are spacious enough to let you carry your world in them without killing your shoulders. They can be paired up with literally any outfit - be it girly or sporty!

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