8 Simple Ways To Deal With A Difficult Boss

8 Simple Ways To Deal With A Difficult Boss

In life, you get to choose your friends but sadly you cannot choose your boss. While some people are fortunate enough to work with a good boss, for many others, it’s the contrary. We ask the latter not to worry, as you may feel that a difficult boss is tough to handle, however, there’s always a way to beat the system. Here are 8 brilliant tips to deal with a difficult boss. Everything is possible! Good luck.

1. Listen and adapt!

The key here is to listen more and argue less. No matter how much of a valid point you have, the boss will always be right! Listen to what they have to say and try to learn as much as you can. If you can’t change them, try changing your attitude. A positive and open attitude goes a long way in life. 1 difficult boss

2. Communication is the best

Instead of trying to bring your boss down, try communicating with them instead. Talk to them about the problems you face and ask for advice. Chances are that they will offer some fabulous tips and your bond with them will only grow. Keep your ego aside, and genuinely ask for feedback and solutions. Also read: 11 Body Language Tricks To Help You Nail That Job Interview!

3. Do NOT b**** about them to your colleagues

Let’s get one thing straight - your colleagues are not your friends. Draw the line, keep a distance and act professional. You never know who means well for you and who doesn’t. Being too pally with them makes you lower your guard which could work to their advantage. Be smart! 3 difficult boss

4. Beat them with hard work!

If the work that you produce is flawless, no one can touch you. You have to be insanely good at your job. By that we mean - meet deadlines, produce quality work and try not to get into office politics. If you’re already doing these things, you're going to be in your boss’s good books in no time.

5. Wait it out...

Before you react to a situation, make sure you take your time to analyze it well. Ponder over it when your mind is calm and make a wise choice. The last thing you want to do is say something which you might regret later on. Breath in and breath out. 5 difficult boss

6. Put yourself in your boss's shoes

Everyone has an opinion. Sometimes, opinions clash and situations get messy. Before you prove your point, try, just try to think from your boss’s perspective. There could be a valid point hidden in the middle of all the chaos. Hear them out without interrupting them. This way you’ll be able to make better sense of the situation. Also read: How Do You Figure Out If You’ve Made The *Right* Career Choice?

7. Think positive

Sometimes, a situation is not as bad as it seems. Always look at the bigger picture. The bigger picture is usually brighter and teaches you a couple of lessons. The moment you develop an optimistic attitude towards your surroundings, good is all that you will attract. 7 difficult boss

8. Talk to a senior

If all these tips fail, you should take the matter up to a senior. Accept no forms of bullying or mental abuse. Before you take it up, make sure that you give your decision some serious thought and it’s backed with enough proof. Good luck! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr