12 Ways To Be More Confident & Bring Out The Girl Boss in You!

12 Ways To Be More Confident & Bring Out The Girl Boss in You!
Ever felt like you have a higher purpose in life? Hold on to it, for we believe you do. The only thing missing here is that the girl boss inside of you isn’t shining out, as she should. Don’t you worry, for these 12 easy tips will help you build your confidence and reach out to your dreams!

1. Start with dressing for the position you want to reach, not for the job you are currently in.

We can’t emphasize enough how important dressing right is. It may not seem to have any immediate effect, but trust us, it helps create the impression other people have of you - and in the professional world, this first impression makes all the difference.
1 the girl boss in you

2. Every morning, talk to yourself and repeat powerful words.

You need these positive reminders to help you stay calm in moments of self-doubt, and trust us, everyone has those moments. You will too, just like all of us do. These words will give you the positivity you need in life to get past all barriers and keep moving ahead.

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3. Posture is key.

Sit straight, walk tall, make eye contact and basically look alert and interested. Body language communicates more than the words we use do - and your posture is what will help you stand out and get noticed by the right people.

3 the girl boss in you

4. Know your strengths and your weaknesses.

So that no one can use them against you! And so that you are more clear than anyone else about your not-so-strong areas, and what you need to do to make sure you get better at them.

5. Change one small habit, at a time.

You know what we do wrong? We make lofty goals, we see them not coming true, we feel like a failure and just feel disappointed and uninspired with life. Here’s what you should do instead - take one small habit that you don’t like about yourself and work towards changing it. When you do - you will feel great and inspired to bring other monumental changes.

5 the girl boss in you

6. Make a conscious effort to tackle your weaknesses, every day.

And you will see your life changing and magic happening… A few months later. It is the small things that always lead to bigger ones.

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7. Let the negative things go.

Everybody f*cks up, you aren’t the first one - just like you won’t be the last. Accept this, learn from your mistakes, drop it in the well of your experience and keep moving forward.

7 the girl boss in you

8. Pamper yourself!

Give yourself credit and buy yourself those expensive shoes - treat yourself like you would expect the world to treat you, and just feel good about yourself.

9. Keep good company.

‘Coz you become the company you keep - and so you better choose a good one. Not the most popular or the rich ones - but ones who are inspired and alive and moving ahead in their lives.

9 the girl boss in you

10. Be ready for opportunities.

Do your research, prepare yourself and be prepared to grab the smallest opportunity that comes knocking. It will lead you to the bigger ones.

11. Finish off your to-do list.

Do that one thing you’ve been procrastinating for too long. Ticking things off will make you feel good about yourself, and building confidence is all about being comfortable and happy, just being who are.

11 the girl boss in you

12. Know your sh*t.

There is no other way to do it - really!

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