6 Essential Tips For The Perfect, Most Flattering Petticoat!

6 Essential Tips For The Perfect, Most Flattering Petticoat!
Yes, you read it right! Now that you’ve bought yourself a gorgeous saree for the wedding or the reception, it’s time to focus on the petticoat. Because believe it or not, it actually does make a whole lot of difference to your overall appearance. From the fall of your saree to accentuating your curves, a petticoat can make all the difference. We had a quick chat with designer Abhinav Mishra, and here are all the tips he gave us!

1. Fabric comes first

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Image: Aslisona on Instagram

The first step to getting a petticoat stitched is finding the perfect fabric. Abhinav suggests that while crepe, satin and cotton silk are great options, one should steer clear from terrycloth, gorgettes and silk. Silk does absolutely nothing for the fall of your saree or your figure.

2. Fit is essential

Always make sure your petticoat is well-fitted. Too loose will put your saree out of shape whereas anything too tight will only give you a hard time throughout the ceremony. While girls usually opt for petticoats with kalis for their big night, they do not realize that it makes them look wider at the hips and downwards. A clean A line petticoat is just what you should opt for.

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3. Use can-can

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Image: Deepika Padukone on Instagram

Yes, why not! Abhinav suggests adding can-can to your saree petticoat too. Just one layer of can-can from below the knee can do wonders for the shape of your saree. Sarees usually end up sticking inwards, especially the lighter ones, and can-can makes sure it’s always got that nice flowy effect going on.  

4. Experiment with your net sarees

If you’re wearing a net saree for your wedding, you can try out various petticoat fabrics to elevate your look even further. Raw silk works exceptionally well since it adds just the right amount of sheen to your look. Lots of brides are also opting for brocade petticoats with subtle net sarees. The self print on brocade can totally transform the look of your saree.

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5. Goodbye, hooks!

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Image: Anushka Sharma On Instagram

Tying your petticoat or using hooks is so old-fashioned! And they totally show if you’re wearing a sheer or net fabric saree. A more comfortable and nicer way is to use an elastic or a zip to keep your petticoat in place. A broad elastic helps give better shape to your tummy too.

6. The perfect shade

Brides-to-be, let’s not settle for anything that does not match the exact colour of the saree. Because if not the naked eye, the photographs will definitely catch the colour difference. As and when you go to buy your petticoat fabric, make sure you’re carrying the saree or a colour swatch with you.