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8 Unspoken Rules Of Texting *Everyone* Should Know!

8 Unspoken Rules Of Texting *Everyone* Should Know!
Once upon a time, the age of SMS existed when you had to eat up your alphabets to save money. But that time is long gone, so why are you still stuck on that language? Issued for the benefit of greater humanity, here are 8 unsaid rules of texting everyone must know!

1. “K” means this conversation is over. Not “okay”.

‘Coz if I write “K”, I am most definitely not okay.

1 rules of texting


Yeah, so if you text me GET ME COFFEE, nothing in this world will convince me that it’s a request. See?

3. “U der? I wnted 2 thnk u fr sndng dat shrt! Ty” - SO annoying!!

Like could you please spare a minute more of your life and not eat syllables? ‘Coz it’ll really save 10 minutes of my life that I would otherwise spend decoding this text message you sent me. Oh, and typing like this doesn't make you seem cool, seriously.

3 rules of texting

4. *Sends a long paragraph explaining her feelings*
His reply: “Cool”

Um, what just happened here? I am baring out my feelings to you and you can’t even have a conversation? Not happening, dude.

5. Bombarding someone with question marks and exclamations when they don’t immediately respond is plain mad.

Like, breathe people. The person you’re texting might be busy - and your many (and unnecessary) punctuations will only get him/her worried and annoyed. Have patience, they will get back to you when they are free, okay?

5 rules of texting

6. And not bothering to reply to someone’s text, ever, is a case of plain bad manners.

We understand that you may be busy. We really do. But explain to us, how it is that you never picked up your phone since the day we texted you, ‘coz we see those lie detecting blue marks.

7. Always, always delete sexts.

Because, if they fall into wrong hands, a lot of things can go wrong in your life. Trust us on this!

7 rules of texting

8. Do not underestimate the power (and usage) of full stops and commas.

For example, if she is ending her sentences with a full stop when she’s mad at you... Well, she wants you to know that she is mad. The full stops are her way of bringing any conversation with you to an end. Punctuation matters and makes all the difference. You see, “I ate, grandma” and “I ate grandma” are basically the same but for the little comma.

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