7 “Unromantic” Things That Can Make Your Relationship Stronger!

7 “Unromantic” Things That Can Make Your Relationship Stronger!
We have grown up watching Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and have often dreamed of finding our Raj! We somewhat expect our love lives to be the same as Bollywood movies. So when you find your partner, you already have a list of #romanticgoals to achieve with him - but what you don’t notice and see are the unromantic things and gestures shared between the two of you, which actually are the foundation of your relationship and are helping in strengthening it further.

1. Not indulging in PDA as much!

You might have noticed that after a couple of months in your relationship, once you have crossed your “honeymoon phase”, you both actually stop indulging in PDA. This is not because you have both stopped loving each other, rather it is a sign of you both understanding the fact that PDA is not what you need to express your love for each other. Without even holding hands in public, you both are connected to each other.

1 Unromantic Things

2. Giving each other space

Giving each other space in a relationship is extremely important. Over a period of time, you stop looking at your watch every hour and wondering why he hasn’t called. This is because you both begin to understand that you don’t need to be talking to each other or know what the other is up to constantly. Your thoughts about him not being interested in you go away from your mind as you realise that there is so much romance still left when you both talk at the end of the day and update each other on how the day was!

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3. Going shopping with each other

Yes, it is indeed very cute when your boyfriend takes you out for shopping. But, what you do not realise is the number of times he has counted backwards in his head when you have asked him to choose between that baby pink and powder pink dress! It is surely not the most romantic thing for a guy to take a girl shopping, but he does it happily and with a smile just for you.

3 Unromantic Things

4. Trusting each other

Trust is the core of a relationship. It is something that cannot be expressed in words - and while it may not be a romantic gesture, it actually is true love that allows you to trust your partner completely. It is what strengthens and builds your relationship.

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5. Fighting...

Yes, you read that right! Fighting with your partner may not be nice or ideal, but it can actually help to strengthen your bond. Perhaps in that moment, you both may take out your frustration and anger on each other - but once you both calm down, you’ll be able to understand each other better and get a clearer perspective about what the other one thinks and feels. You will be willing to hear each other out and also realise how much you both love each other.

5 Unromantic Things

6. Making decisions together and for each other

Each time you both have a discussion and your partner says, “You decide, it’s your call”, it is not because he is pissed with you or because he doesn’t care; rather it is because he trusts you and your decisions. He knows you have his back and he trusts your judgement. Now isn’t that sweet!

7. Doing nothing together!

While going out for lunches and dinners and doing the cliché romantic things together might be nice, it is chilling in bed together on a lazy Sunday and watching your favourite TV show or movie together that you’ll cherish even more! It might be the most boring and unromantic thing in the world for others, but for both of you it is the ideal Sunday. After all, spending some quality time with your man in the comfort of your PJ’s can never be a bad thing!

7 Unromantic Things

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