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Everything Was Going Wrong Before My Wedding, And Then...

Everything Was Going Wrong Before My Wedding, And Then...

I’d dreamt of a grand wedding since I was a very young girl. And as I grew older, the wish list for my dream wedding kept getting longer. So when Arjun proposed marriage in January, no one was as excited as me about the entire thing! From the moment he put a ring on my finger, my dream wedding started to look more real than ever… It took us about two months to finalise the venue and get our guest lists ready. During these two months, I had also started a new beauty regime. I opted for one of Lakmé Salon’s Pre-Bridal packages. It includes facials, manicures and hair care. The best part is that their regime begins as early as a couple of months before the big day and they provide hair and makeup services on the actual wedding day too! I also decided to get my besties to join a dance class with me. I love dancing and really wanted to perform during my sangeet. But one week into dance class, I fractured my ankle! We were only three months away from the big day. My troubles had just begun... the perfect wedding I cried a lot, not because of the pain but because of the fact that my wedding plans had hit a major obstacle! I had to have my leg in a cast for almost two months. I tried to orchestrate the wedding from home, but Arjun insisted I rest. I had my heart set on this really gorgeous wine-coloured lehenga that I liked before I fractured my foot. Ufortunately, with my broken leg I wasn't able to book the outfit or have the fitting done. And the worst part was, the lehenga I liked was to be hand-embroidered (and would take weeks to create). Being forced to rest with a fractured foot ruined my chances of ever getting fitted for my perfect wedding outfit. With a month and a half to go, I had lost all hope of ever looking the way I'd imagined at my wedding.    I can't explain how heart-wrenching it is for a bride to "settle" for an outfit she doesn't want to wear. It took away the charm of the wedding for me. I almost postponed the entire wedding when I figured I'd never get the lehenga I wanted. The only thing keeping me sane was Arjun’s extra pampering. Luckily, the sweet people at Lakmé Salon also decided to pamper me by coming to my house to continue my beauty regime. At least the beauty bit of my problems was sorted. While I was resting at home, mom and Arjun teamed up and bought me the lehenga that I wanted. I'd sent mom pictures of the one I'd liked but didn't know she was paying attention with so much else going on. They even arranged for fitters from the store to come home and measure me multiple times. A month before the wedding, my outfit arrived. It was better than I'd imagined. A couple of days later, I also got the cast off of my foot. Even though I limped around the house, I insisted on doing it with my lehenga on. I remember smiling pretty often those days. I'd gone through a bad experience but luckily I was surrounded by supportive, loving people. the perfect wedding The sagai and sangeet functions went smoothly and I even managed to perform a group dance with my bridesmaids! On the day of the wedding, everything was perfectly in place (including my ankle bone!). The Lakmé Salon people came over to do my makeup and hair. The five months of prepping done by them had worked really well. My skin was clear and glowing, my hair was soft and was easy to style and my nails were all healthy. Arjun looked gorgeous in his sherwani and safa! The glitches we faced during the planning of our big day let me to really see how supportive and sweet he can be. I’m very grateful that I got my dream wedding and a wonderful husband. *This is a sponsored post for Lakmé Salon. Contest Alert: Get a chance to win a pre-wedding shoot or an international holiday by entering the Lakmé Salon Show Stopping Bride contest today.
Published on Jul 15, 2016
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