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8 Easy Tricks To Make Your Hair Look Longer!

8 Easy Tricks To Make Your Hair Look Longer!
Does it feel like your hair is taking forever to grow out? We feel you! If you wish you could flaunt mermaid locks right about now, we have some awesome hacks to help you fake it until you make it. Read on for some sneaky tricks to make your hair look longer. This will help making the wait SO much easier!

1. Swap A Blunt Cut For Layers

First things first, consider your cut if you want your locks to look longer. A blunt cut is a bad idea as it really defines the length of your hair. Instead, long layers add softness and movement. This movement helps your hair appear longer than it is.

2. Half Up Half Down

2 Make Your Hair Look Longer This simple hairstyle is great for helping your hair look like it has more length. Just tie up the top section of your hair by the crown of your head for an Ariana Grande-esque effect.

3. Think About Your Parting

If you have a side parting, you’ll probably want to flip it to the center. A side parting gives width while a center parting creates the illusion of length. Plus, it can also help your face appear slimmer. Also read: Why Your Hair Isn’t Growing Longer Than A Certain Length!

4. Be Careful About Products

4 Make Your Hair Look Longer Try to avoid products that will weigh your hair down like oils and hairsprays. Don’t overload your strands with too much product as that will cut down on movement in your locks.

5. Let’s Be Straight

If you have curly or wavy hair then straighten your hair to make it appear longer, since curves and bends can shorten the length. Even if you have straight hair, use a flat iron to get rid of frizz and add even more length.

6. Turn Up The Volume

6 Make Your Hair Look Longer Flip your hair over and blow-dry your strands to lift your roots away from your scalp for some killer volume and fullness. Fuller hair gives the illusion of more hair, which helps it appear longer.
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7. Think About Your Neckline

You may want to give extra thought to what you wear if you want your mane to look longer. Anything that helps shorten your neck will give the length of your locks a boost. Scarves and round, high necks can seriously help your hair look like it had a sudden growth spurt.

8. Get Trims

8 Make Your Hair Look Longer Most girls refrain from getting regular trims in their bid to grow out their locks, but if you don’t get rid of split and damaged ends, they can cause your mane to shrink. Plus, they will prevent it from growing longer. A split can spread up the hair shaft, which is why it’s imperative to trim them off. Trim your hair by half an inch every 2 months to allow your hair to grow faster, healthier and look longer. Images: Shutterstock