Make bridal hair care simple and doable with these easy tips!

Make bridal hair care simple and doable with these easy tips!
Have you always envisioned having long, cascading waves on your wedding? If your shaadi deadline is a few short months away and your mane seems to be growing at a snail's pace, we have some important tricks for you. Try these tips for bridal hair care in time for the big day. We’ve got you covered for those dream locks on that special day of your life with these tips for growing hair for wedding day.

1. Indulge In A Pampering Head Massage

Treat yourself to soothing head massage twice a week - it’s a great way to relax amidst the wedding planning as well as to boost your circulation to promote hair growth. If you don’t have time to go to the salon for a regular massage, gently give yourself a 10-minute scalp massage in the shower about twice a week to help your locks grow long and strong.

2. Trim, But Don’t Over-Trim!

2 Tips To Grow Out Your Hair

Every month, your hair grows about a quarter to half an inch longer - don’t chop off that progress by trimming your hair too regularly. But on the other hand, getting a trim is a must as it’s the only way to get rid of split ends and prevent them from travelling up the strands and hampering growth. What you should do is trim your hair every 2 and a half to 3 months as a rule to keep the ends healthy, but not more often than that.

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3. Tea Up

Did you know that green tea helps the growth of hair follicles? Drinking 2 to 3 cups a day can seriously help promote hair growth, so go on and refill that cup!

4. A Little Extra TLC

4 Tips To Grow Out Your Hair

A deep conditioning treatment once or twice a week is a must to nourish, soften and repair your locks, especially if your hair is coloured or you’re fond of heat styling. Try the Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Mask to help reverse damage and boost healthy hair growth. Otherwise, look in your kitchen for great ingredients that work wonders for your hair like mayonnaise, eggs and apple cider vinegar.

5. Be A Hydrated Bride-To-Be

It’s always a good idea to drink more water, and if you’re a soon-to-be bride then even more so. Staying hydrated is the best way to keep your mane moisturized and healthy and it’s also great for your skin. Also, be sure to eat more fruits and veggies to strengthen your strands.

6. Shampoo The Right Way

6 Tips To Grow Out Your Hair

Shampooing too much or with the wrong products will definitely get in the way of your long hair dreams! You shouldn’t be shampooing more than twice or thrice a week, and it’s time to switch to a gentle, sulfate-free and silicone-free shampoo if you haven’t already. Shampoos that are free of these harsh chemicals are much milder on your locks and won’t strip them of moisture, which can interfere with hair growth. Make the switch and say goodbye to dry strands. 

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7. Ditch Your Regular Ponytail

We all pile our hair into a tight topknot or ponytail all the time without giving it a second thought. But over time, tight buns and ponytails can weaken the hair follicles and cause them to fall out or hamper growth. Let your hair down more often, try lower, looser braids and ponytails and use fabric rubber bands that won’t pull at your strands. 

8. Be Kind To Your Mane

8 Tips To Grow Out Your Hair

When you’re gentle and give your locks some extra love and care, it shows. Avoid UV damage by staying out of the sun as much as possible or covering your hair with a hat. Cut down on blow drying and ironing as much as possible - after all, you don’t want to have dry, fried strands at your wedding. Be kind to your mane, don’t tug at it when it’s wet, brush when it's dry to distribute the natural oils, but don’t over-brush either. 

9. Consider Supplements

If lustrous, long tresses are definitely what you have in mind for your wedding, consider Biotin supplements. As soon as you get engaged, discuss it with your doctor first to add to your diet to help boost your hair length and health daily.

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