9 Things You Should NOT Wear During The Monsoons!

9 Things You Should NOT Wear During The Monsoons!
Monsoons spell rain, romance, coffee and books… No, no, wait. There are also splashes, mud and puddles that pose a threat to basically everything that we wear. And everything smells! We know what you go through, girls. Monsoons can be really difficult to put up with. So, here are our handy dandy tips on what not to wear to keep you safe and stylish this monsoon.

1. Let the whites wait!

1 what not to wear in monsoon

Fear the unknown, girls, and do not wear your whites during the monsoons. You never know when a super excited car driver will splash dirty water on you. Or when the rain God will decide that the world should know the details of your innerwear. Whites become see-through very easily so avoid wearing it.

2. Ditch the denims!

Our love for denim is undying, but it is just not a very good choice during the rains. Not only do they take a lifetime to dry but also will make you feel super uncomfortable. So, you should opt for lighter fabrics like cotton or linen. They dry really quickly and keep you breezy all day long.

3. Say no to leather.

3 what not to wear in monsoon

DO NOT wear leather in the rains unless you want to end up smelling like a dead mouse. Leather tends to swell up on getting wet and loses its shape. Not only does it lose its "good looks" but it will also end up costing you a fortune if you were to buy it again. So, till the time monsoons don’t bid us farewell, try to keep those classy leather shoes and bags at bay!

4. Laters, long dresses!

Long dresses look gorgeous when they sway in the wind, we totally agree! But we sure don’t feel the same when they sway in the dirty rain water. Avoid them unless you want soggy, murky hemlines!

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5. Bye bye bling - and silver!

5 what not to wear in monsoon

Okay, so we are not the ones saying this - it’s SCIENCE. We know how much you love your silver bling. Now what you need to know is that silver oxidizes when it comes in contact with the rain water and turns black. And we are sure you wouldn’t want that kind of treatment being given to your beloved jewellery, right?!

6. Stay away from suede!

Suede is sexy as hell but rain water can be a b*tch. It gets really soggy, smelly and dirty. Not just that, it is really difficult to clean suede. So, staying away from it is the better and definitely the easier option.

7. Say no to new clothes!

7 what not to wear in monsoon

New clothes are basically a threat to everything else that you wear. Try to avoid wearing very brightly coloured new clothes that might just "leave a mark" on you or your clothes. Or wear them only if you are very sure that their colour won’t bleed. Avoid the bright pinks and blues. They are the biggest game spoilers!

8. Tight fitting clothes are a big NO!

Well, they will stick to your body even more if you get caught in the rain. Also, they will make you feel uncomfortable and um, wet (not in the nice way) and you'll be at a greater risk of catching a cold.

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9. A big no for canvas shoes...

9 what not to wear in monsoon

… Unless you want wet, soggy feet the entire day. For obvious reasons, canvas shoes get wet very easily and take a very long time to dry up. They are a big NO NO during the rains!

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