13 Thoughts You Have When You Visit Mumbai For The First Time!

13 Thoughts You Have When You Visit Mumbai For The First Time!
Can you fall in love with a city? Hell yeah!! IF you have been to Mumbai that is! Its old times charm and modern day madness comfortably coexist and the city feels magical! Going to Mumbai for the first time makes you experience an interesting mix of emotions! Here’s us expressing a few…

1. OMG! Did the entire mankind decide to pay this city a visit?!

Mad mad maaaaaaaaaaaaaad traffic!!!

1 Mumbai for the first time

2. Ah, I can smell the sea! Oh wait, I can taste it too!

There is literally salt in the air around the sea!

3. Oh I hope I get to see Shahrukh Khan Or Shahid Kapoor Or Amitabh Bachchan!

Anyone from Bollywood would do, really! As long as I can go back and tell my friends that I practically came face-to-face with that person!

3 Mumbai for the first time

4. Kaali peeli taxi!

These still exist? Hey there are some vintage ambassadors too!

5. Oooooh a double decker bus!

I have no idea where it is going. But I just want to get on it and go wherever it takes me!!

5 Mumbai for the first time

6. Oh there’s vada pav! And Dabeli! And bun maska! And cutting chai! What do I start with??


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7. Damn! The city doesn’t sleep! Or stop! And that’s so fan-freakin-tastic!

*Stuck in traffic jam at 1:30 am* People actually have a nightlife here! Wait… Does that mean I can be out at 3:00 am and not feel unsafe?! Wow!

7 Mumbai for the first time

8. OH.My.God, Marine Drive! I just want to be here all night long!

Yes. It’s THAT awesome! Cool breeze + Sea + Chai (which is served in tiny cups for 8 or 10 rupees), it cannot get better than this, can it?

9. This city needs a train!? Like a train to travel INSIDE the city?! Woah!

What happened to buses and autos and rickshaws? Oh wait… there are no rickshaws here. And why do they keep calling autos “rick”?

9 Mumbai for the first time

10. Are you kidding me right now? This is the railway station?!

*Looking at Victoria Terminus in awe*

11. The Taj is so awesome!

But oh so sad to think of the attack :(

11 Mumbai for the first time

12. The Gateway Of India - wow!

P.S Why does the Gateway has SO many pigeons??

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13. I don’t want to go back! :(

I love this city!! Can’t I stay here forever? Pretty please?

13 Mumbai for the first time

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