21 Thoughts You *Will* Have The Day After Your Engagement!

21 Thoughts You *Will* Have The Day After Your Engagement!
While getting engaged is super exciting for any girl, the period that follows can be a bit stressful too. It’s only natural then that the day after the engagement is accompanied by many thoughts for the soon to be bride! There is excitement, sure, but it is also mixed with a little bit of apprehension and worry. After all, she is soon going to start her new life…away from the home and family that she’s always known. So here are a few thoughts every girl is bound to have the day after she gets engaged!
  1. OMG, I have just woken up with a ring on my finger!day after the engagement 1

2. Did this seriously happen? Last night feels like such a blur…

3. There were so many people there, but I only remember six. Yes, exactly six.

4. I am officially someone's fiancee now!

5. OMG, am I going to introduce him as my fiance now? Or is boyfriend still fine?day after the engagement 5

6. OR husband to be…

7. Whatever, everyone knows we’re a couple now anyway. No more sneaking around! *Woohoo*

8. But my wedding is so much closer now…

9. I don’t think I’m ready for this. Oh god, I need more time to prepare myself!

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10. No, I’m fine. No need to freak out. There is still time, plus I love him.day after the engagement 10

11. But I also love my room and my bed and my closet and my parents and my pets! How am I going to live without them?!

12. Well, I guess it’ll be fun living with a guy too. No? THE guy in my case. My married friends seem to enjoy it… Or not.

13. Maybe I’m overthinking this. Shush, mind, shut up.

14. I’m freaking out a little bit. Need to call my best friend. She needs to come over NOW.

15. Wait, I’m going to call my “husband to be”. Hmm, that does kinda sounds nice. He always knows what to say too. *Wide grin*day after the engagement 15

16. Okay, I definitely feel better after talking to him.

17. Better get up and get going. SO much to do! My mom must be freaking out.

18 Why is everyone looking at me like this is the first time they’ve seen me…

19.They’re so cute, though. Even my annoying little brother. *Sudden burst of love*

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20. I love that everyone is so excited! And stressed. But happy nonetheless.day after the engagement 20

21. Okay time to stop thinking… Promised my mother in law I’d call her and discuss wedding outfits! *Eeep*

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