thoughts guys have when girls PMS

#HeSays: 10 Thoughts A Guy Has When His Girlfriend Is PMSing!

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We know that this is a tough time for you, ladies. Honestly, we really do sympathise with you. God knows what we would do if we had to go through all that. And let's just be clear that no matter what we think when you're PMSing, we wouldn't ever think of saying any of this stuff. So, after that disclaimer, here are some thoughts a guy has when his girlfriend is PSMing!

1. Oh, f*ck.

Impending doom. Period. (Pun intended. :P)

1 thoughts guys have when girls PMS

2. Where is the damn chocolate?!

You might not be craving it yet, but we sure as hell can be armed if you do.

3. Maybe I should just not say anything for the next few days.

Because no matter how careful we are, we always end up saying something that sounds disastrous to you.

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4. Maybe I should just not DO anything for the next few days.

Because it's not just our words, it's the things we do too. Some of them just tend to offend you even if we had good intentions.

4 thoughts guys have when girls PMS

5. Maybe I should just LEAVE town for the next few days.

Sorry. Escapism exists in all of our minds and, yes, we're guilty of thinking this when faced with your wrath.

6. I'm scared to breathe too loudly. What if it upsets her?

It's like having to walk on eggshells - ALL the time.

7. Oh no, she looks like she's going to cry.

This one is just weird. How can an action movie make you want to cry? We're confused!

7 thoughts guys have when girls PMS

8. Oh shit, no, she's definitely going to scream.

No, wait, NOW we're confused. How can your favourite rom-com make you want to scream at the world?!

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9. WHY can't she crave the same thing every time she’s PMSing? Life would be so much easier.

Because there is a world of difference between ice-cream and gol-gappas and we never know what it's going to be next.

10. Keep calm, keep calm. It'll all be over soon.

Even though it might not seem like it, you CAN be a bit unreasonable during this time. And you might not believe it, but we DO cut you more slack. :P

10 thoughts guys have when girls PMS

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Published on Jul 15, 2016
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