Dear Friday, Why I Hate You… But Also Love You!

Dear Friday, Why I Hate You… But Also Love You!
Fridays evoke something deep inside of us that I can’t specifically put into words. So, I’ll employ some help from John Mayer. A Friday gives us a sense of being a “simple little kind of free”. Yet, we know that Fridays don’t come around as often as we would like them to and so we share a complicated love-hate relationship with them.But love them or hate them, we can never stop feeling feelings for Fridays.

Dear Friday, this is why I hate you...

1. You take your own sweet time to show up.

Do you not care about me? I care about you, deeply. I wait for you every day.

1 Why I love and hate Fridays

2. Why do I have to wait a week to see you?

Can’t every day be a Friday? Do you ever wait for me like I do for you?

3. I hate the fact that I have to share you with the rest of the world.

Everyone wants you, all of you and I’m just this lame fish in the sea, fighting for your attention and love.

3 Why I love and hate Fridays

4. You are a bad influence on me and whoever else you are in a relationship with.

There, I said it. You make me do things that make me look like a lunatic in front of not just my friends but the whole pub and Saturday mornings are terrible because of you. Yet, I yearn for you.

5. You think you’re so cool because people write phrases about you, come up with cool acronyms like “TGIF” and “FNL”. Well, you’re not that cool, okay?

Oh, who am I kidding?! You’re the single most coolest day in the week and I hate you because I am so damn jealous of you.

5 Why I love and hate Fridays

6. Do you even realize how dreary it gets at work sometimes?

How would you? You just chill there and wait for the crowd to be pulled by your fatal, magnetic attraction. Someday, I will learn how to love you lesser.

7. I hate you because I’ve become so dependent on you.

I need you. I desperately need to be in your arms once the week comes to an end.

7 Why I love and hate Fridays

But, enough of the hating. There are several reasons I love you too:

1. You are absolutely the most magnificent thing in the whole world.

I adore you, respect you and I want to be you!

2. I love you because you’re such a bro!

You understand me. You complete me. And you're always there for me.

2 Why I love and hate Fridays

3. I get dressed for you but you show me off to the world, as though you’re glad to be seen with me.

That’s really quite benevolent of you.

4. When we have quiet nights in, just you, me and the silence, you make me realize how beautiful I am.

You make me think about how far I’ve come and that I should take all my victories and all my failures as a sign of progress.

4 Why I love and hate Fridays

5. I know you make me wait, every day but you always show up like clockwork.

I know that you care even though you don’t say it out loud. I will always wait for you, Dear Friday. You have my heart.

6. Thanks to you I’ve made such amazing friends from all walks of life.

Most people I trust with my life have become a part of my life because of YOU! For this, I will forever be grateful.

6 Why I love and hate Fridays

7. Lastly, I want to thank you for existing.

For always being new, exciting and for teaching me that there is always hope when everything seems lost. I love you, heart and soul. You're the best!

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