What Really Happened The First Time We Used A Condom!

What Really Happened The First Time We Used A Condom!
We had been dating for a year, and I wanted to take things slow. Isn’t everything else in life too fast paced, anyway? Oh, we made out a lot, but always stopped ourselves from having sex, not because we were both virgins, but because we wanted to be sure of our actions when we decided to go all the way.

And then one night, we looked at each other and just knew we were ready.

I was equal parts nervous and excited, it was my first time after all. The only thing I was absolutely sure about was that we weren’t doing it without a condom. I may not know much about sex, but I knew enough to steer clear of STDs.

Well, so we journeyed out to get one, and boy, did he look cute getting embarrassed about buying a condom in the market. I didn’t even care about the flavour or the type of condom as long as there was one to do its core job.

So there we were, back in bed, doing what we loved doing most. We were more turned on than usual because we knew we weren’t going to hold back tonight. There came a moment when his pants flew across the room in the excitement of things and I had to remind him about the condom tucked carefully inside its pocket. He took it out and looked quite the man, tearing it open.

internal first time we used a condom

A white, squiggly thing came out, and I couldn’t help thinking, “Is this really that great discovery that protects mankind from the threat of STDs like no other contraceptive can?” Well, it didn’t look very powerful to me, but it sure had my attention. I sat staring as my boyfriend struggled a bit in putting it on. After five minutes he told me he felt like someone had caged his tool… And it totally reminded me of the first time I wore a bra.

Anyway, he was ready and we were back in action. He had to thrust and I wasn’t helping, shouting like a maniac... I never thought it would hurt that much. After a few unsuccessful tries though, he got out of me… But the condom stayed in! It didn't get lost or anything, and we could pull it out, but it still felt weird.

We didn’t know if that was how things were supposed to be, so we turned to...Google, of course.

Apparently, even though the condom’s lubrication helps in penetration, it dries out after a bit and then the condom may come off due to the friction - although that’s not what it’s supposed to do.

Well, we were armed with information now, but clearly out of energy. So, we ate something, cuddled up and slept like we had just run the marathon.

The next morning was quite a surprise though. With our energies renewed, we had a go at it again, and this time…we did it! Maybe we just didn’t need to be so damn tensed about having sex. We loved one another and we were, well, technically speaking, only “consummating” it.

Oh and by the way, practical application taught me a lot more than all that theory in school did! :-p

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