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7 Things You'll Totally Get If Your Mom In Law Is Really Cool!

Garima Gupta

Guest Contributor

If you’re the kind who hears a ‘mother in law’ joke, laughs and thinks, “Doesn’t happen to me!”, girl, you’re one lucky daughter-in-law! Here are the things you’ll totally get if you have a cool mother in law.

1. You don’t avoid her phone calls

And sometimes call her on your own just to ‘check in’ - exactly how you do with your own mom. She’s a great listener and you always look forward to hearing what’s happening in her life.

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2. She takes your side in family discussions

“If you’re right, you’re right” is her mantra. You’re a fully participating member of the family and she totally gets that.

3. You borrow from her beautiful collection of sarees

Her fashion sense is something you admire and she loves seeing you in her favourite sarees. Basically, you’re sorted when it comes to wearing something grand for festivals and family occasions!

4. You share your highs and lows with her

Whether it’s the news of a work promotion or you’re feeling stressed about a deadline, you call her for her soothing advice and sympathetic ear. Plus, she’s willing to pitch in at home when the office calls for late nights!

cool mother in law 4

5. You have a regular girls’ day out planned with her

A great shopping companion, leisurely lunch and lots of family gossip!

6. She’s your fashion consultant

She’s not critical of your shorts and short dresses and, in fact, gives you good fashion advice (which is why you love shopping with her!). Plus, you’re forever raiding her jewellery box because she has great taste!

7. You look forward to her visits

Just like her son, you look forward to the food and the pampering. All the love, without any judgement!

cool mother in law 7

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Published on Jul 05, 2016
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