7 Things You’ll ONLY Get If You Just. Don’t. Get. Technology!

7 Things You’ll ONLY Get If You Just. Don’t. Get. Technology!
Everyone has a Smartphone. Everyone. Everyone lusts after that brand whose name is the name of a fruit. Everything is just a swipe away and the internet is your oyster. Yet, there are some of us who are just too old school and our old habits don’t seem to die out. There’s one half of the population who are well-adept to technology and then there’s this other half who can’t get anything right! If you belong to the latter half then this is a list you will definitely relate to!

1. People keep telling you to upgrade your gadgets

From your phone, to your computer, to your music system - everything. And you can’t find the logic behind why they want you to switch. Everything you own works fine even if it’s a bit outdated. But so what? You love it just the way it is.

1 Do not get technology

2. You think technology sometimes makes life harder

Why can’t things just be easy? Why are there so many buttons on each of these things and why is the manual so damn complicated?! You have secretly resigned to that fact that you are never going to learn how to operate anything properly. You have given up even trying (and this makes you happier).

3. People think you are a, uh…"gawaar"

*If that was too offensive, we apologise*. But really, people think that just because you aren’t capable of using technology the way it's supposed to be used, you are uncool, backward and don’t understand the basics of modern-day-life. What’s the big deal? Some people are just wired that way. Doesn’t make you any less cool!

3 Do not get technology

4. You have a “tech-friend”

One that doesn’t judge you and is ready to help you out with whatever query you may have. Even if it means “how to download a Torrent file” because you were too lazy to Google it.

5. You feel like you should have been born in your parents’ era

Because you are as clueless and they are when it comes to technology. When they come to you seeking help, you start second guessing everything you know. You possess no guile.

5 Do not get technology

6. When you learn a new thing you feel like you could go to Mars

For you, it’s a huge achievement but for the others it was never rocket science. What you have just discovered now, the rest of the world had learned eons ago. Oh, well!

7. You will never change

And no matter how much you try to adapt to new changes you will always be the same. You don’t want to change and learn new things because things are just perfectly fine without you even knowing how “that thing” works.

7 Do not get technology

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