11 Things You’ll Get If Your Bestie Is A Bit Of A Drama Queen!

11 Things You’ll Get If Your Bestie Is A Bit Of A Drama Queen!
The day she popped a pimple, she cried for a whole hour, and the day she had her first kiss, she was probably more jumpy than a bunch of springs! If you have a super dramatic bestie, you know what we are talking about... Because, no, they are not like regular besties! They are much more fun, and oh, they are the reason our lives feel like a movie all the time! So ladies, if your bestie is super-duper-heli-cooper dramatic, here are a few things you will relate to…

1. She can create a dramatic situation around a toothpick for all you know!

That’s a talent! Not everyone can do that, you know?

1 drama queen

2. She looooves to watch drama too!

You were walking together and you suddenly notice that she isn’t by your side anymore. Where did she go? Oh there she is!! Watching two old ladies arguing on the street. And now the two ladies are staring at her. *pulls her along and scampers off into nothingness*

2 drama queen

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3. “Come home, I am dying!” she yells into the phone and makes you drive like a mad cabbie let loose on the streets!

Only for you to come home and find out that she had broken a nail. But you still give her a hug because she is a sweetheart!

3 drama queen

4. Why was your phone having vibration attacks in the middle of your important meeting?

Because she just couldn’t wait to tell this really amazing thing that had happened to her! And no it could not wait for 30 minutes! It’s 30 whole minutes dude!

4 drama queen

5. Her mobile knows of her dramatic capabilities too!

Because all her OTT selfies are in its belly! And if there were a UFAAE (Union For Abuse Against Emojis), she would be banned by them, because she legit uses 1000 emojis per 10 words!

5 drama queen

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6. Schmootzipie, nimbersnook, snugglypoo, bubblybear!

Yes. She invents more words because she often falls short of them. All the languages she knows, combined! And your vocabulary just becomes bigger by the second!

6 drama queen

7. You sometimes feel like her rants are worthy of a better audience than yourself!

Although her sense of humor may be a little, um, other worldly, but when she begins to rant, she magically transforms into a top notch stand-up comedian! And well, she can really, really make money out of that!

7 drama queen

8. She's generally all over the place with her theatrics and something or the other will break or fall if she is around!

Anything but your heart! That she protects with everything she has. And that’s why you love her to the moon and back.

8 drama queen

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9. She feels like a character straight out of a soap opera!

You sometimes stare at her and try to place her. Which soap opera does she fit into? That one or that other one?

9 drama queen

10. She is more animated than a Disney cartoon!

And while she rambles on and on, without pausing for breath, her actions and expressions deserve to be compiled as training material for theatre aspirants! Also…breathe woman breathe! It’s just gonna take a sec!

10 drama queen

11. She never accepts that she is a drama queen! And you just can’t help loving her more for that!

“I am not a drama queen!” she says. And you pretend to go along with it. Because at the end of the end, whatever makes her happy, right?!

11 drama queen

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