If You Went To Same School As Your Older Sis… THIS Is For You!

If You Went To Same School As Your Older Sis… THIS Is For You!
When parents send their kids to the same school, they kind of leave the elder child in charge of the younger one - and neither of the two children particularly like this arrangement. If you went to the same school as your elder sister, you will totally get these 8 things!

1. From the minute you stepped into the school bus and entered the school premises, you acted like you didn’t know your sister…

‘Coz your friends couldn’t see you with your sister. It was just all kinds of uncool.

2. Your teachers always, without fail, called you by your elder sister’s name…

And expected you to respond to it too. Argh!

2 same school with your sister

3. Every time you didn’t finish your homework, or had any other young “life crisis” at school, your teachers called in your sister!

She was like your second parent at school - and you hated how she acted like an adult while narrating the whole incident back at home to your parents! Such a showoff!

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4. But you also took advantage of having an elder sister by easily getting into all the clubs she was a part of…

And getting favors from all the teachers she was a fav with. Without really doing anything! #Perks

4 same school with your sister

5. But this also meant that you had to constantly put up with being compared to her, by everyone, everywhere...

Uh, no escape!

6. But it did feel cool to get hellos from the older girls and boys when you passed them in the corridors with your friends…

You had great fun flaunting to your friends that you had a rapport with the seniors!

6 same school with your sister

7. You kept fighting with her over whose house was better…

You were glad you weren’t in the same house as her - you wanted some identity of your own, somewhere!

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8. You kept counting days to when your sister would leave school and you would get to do what you want!

Just like all your other friends. And even though you both gossiped about school even after she left, and you kinda missed seeing her face around - you were just so glad that it was all yours at last!

8 same school with your sister

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