9 Things You’ll TOTALLY Get If Your Boyfriend Is A Baniya!

9 Things You’ll TOTALLY Get If Your Boyfriend Is A Baniya!
If you are dating a Gupta, Jindal, Bansal, Aggarwal, Garg, Goyal or any brethren of the aforementioned, then say “aye” ladies, because dating a Baniya guy comes with its own perks and puddles! Here are a few things you will relate to if your boyfriend is a Baniya…

1. He bargains like a pro!

He is probably better than all of your girlie group combined! You probably managed to get a top and skirt for the good old 1000 bucks! He on the other hand can manage to get the same in half the price!

baniya boyfriend

2. He is a mathematical genius especially when it comes to money matters!

You legit do NOT need to bother taking out your phone to calculate when you are with him, because, hello? He is a friggin' genius at any kind of calculation, especially when it's money! And cross checking or questioning his calculations is just like asking Michael Jackson to appear for a moon-walk test - absurd!

3. While to the world may argue that they are kanjoos, they are absolute sweethearts when it comes to buying you a gift!

He showers you with beautiful thoughtful gifts all the time and you cannot help but wonder how can anyone think of him as kanjoos?

3 baniya boyfriend

4. When you go on a trip together, he plans better than every single planning app on Play Store and App Store combined!

His itinerary is the most flawless piece of planning that you will ever see! You both not only have fun, but also end up making the most of your trip, all thanks his master planner!

5. He adores and respects his mom a lot and that’s kinda cute!

Because moms deserve that and the fact that he cares for her so much just makes you go awwww!

5 baniya boyfriend

6. His family means the world to him and nothing can ever change that!

He has grown up in a close knit family (and probably a big one too!), and all of them including the aunts and uncles and pesky kids mean a lot to him! And that makes you believe that he is a keeper!

7. He has a sweet sweet tooth!

“You shouldn’t eat so much of sweet” said no baniya boyfriend ever! And that is so awesome because now you can couple-drool over sweet things! *toothy grin*

7 baniya boyfriend

8. His business sense is like his 6th sense!

If your friends or family started a debate about something business-y with him, let’s just say they are gonna lose...real bad. Because his business sense is straight up superb! And as they say, you can take a Baniya out of business but not business of a Baniya.

9. If you ever need financial advice, you do not NEED to go to a financial advisor!

Fixed deposits? Shares? Recurring Deposits? He knows it all! You have your own personal financial advisor right there!

9 baniya boyfriend

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