7 Things You’ll ONLY Get If You’re In A… “Textationship”!

7 Things You’ll ONLY Get If You’re In A… “Textationship”!
Allow me to introduce you to “textationship”. It’s the new type of relationship that our generation seems to be obsessed with. It involves a couple and both their phones and is basically a square between the four of them. Here’s what textationship is like:

1. You text each other all day long, and late into the night!

In fact, you are so good at it now, that your speed at typing out texts surpasses human potential, really.

1 in a textationship

2. But, you don’t make calls to each other, or plan to meet even…

‘Coz in your “textationship”, calling and meeting is just too much effort. Also, you’re quite happy with your virtual boyfriend, and don’t want to ruin it by actually meeting him.

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3. You don’t know what to say to your friends when they ask you about your relationship status…

‘Coz you do share every little detail of your life with that gentleman, but um, you still haven’t met him IRL. It’s complicated?

3 in a textationship

4. Once you tried deleting your chats, and your phone took two entire minutes to do it…

That’s when you realised how MUCH you actually text with this guy, and how it’s totally crazy, ‘coz you have never met him, and chances are you never will.

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5. You discuss philosophies, movies, and even sext, sometimes...

It’s like getting everything you want in a relationship, without even getting off your couch.

5 in a textationship

6. Honestly though, you can’t help but wonder why he puts up with it...

Wouldn’t a guy want more? Or is it just equal parts convenient and no-strings-attached for him?

7. You feel VERY confused about it yourself, and wonder if anything will ever come of it.

You often wonder if you two will actually ever meet and what that would feel like *Texts him to know what he thinks about this*

7 - in a textationship

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