“Calm DOWN” & 11 Other Things You’ll Get If You’re A Bit Hyper!

“Calm DOWN” & 11 Other Things You’ll Get If You’re A Bit Hyper!
If you read the title of this post and got excited to read it, already wondered if it’ll be any good, and also got impatient while it loaded – then we are probably talking to you! Here are 12 things you’ll totally get if you’re a super hyper person.

1. You are very quick to react to everything.

But hey, at least we know your reflexes are in great condition!

2. You can’t stand it when people are dull and have no responses.

Like, hello? Are you for real?

2 always hyper

3. Being hyper also means being super excited a lot of times!

Miss life-of-the-party – as some would say! ;)

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4. People often ask you where you get so much energy from.

Little do they know, that’s actually just your hyper genes at play.

4 always hyper

5. You react to situations even before they have fully happened.

This can get you in trouble sometimes.

6. People don’t get that you don’t always like this trait.

Sometimes, you wish you could rest your mind.

6 always hyper

7. Awkward silences are the worst for you.

Your hyper mind goes into overdrive sometimes!

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8. You send way too many emails and texts you’re not proud of.

You felt the need to respond ASAP- probably not the best idea, in retrospect.

8 always hyper

9. The worse thing someone can ask you to do is to “Calm down”

No, you calm down! B***h!

10. Meeting new people can be challenging.

They can really misconstrue your hyper-ness.

10 always hyper

11. You keep thinking of how you’ll be when you grow old.

But then you feel happy knowing you’ll be a baller!

12. How can you hate being a hyper person when the latest poster child for hyper is none other than hottie Ranveer Singh!?

Haters Gonna Hate, amirite?!

12 always hyper

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