12 Things You’ll Get If You’re A Really Friendly Person! | POPxo
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12 Things You’ll Get If You’re A Really Friendly Person!

12 Things You’ll Get If You’re A Really Friendly Person!

If making friends has just always been your thing, then you are bound to relate to this one. Also, we are pleased to meet you too. So… Friends? ;)

1. You can’t even remember a time when you didn’t have friends.

You were pretty social right from kindergarten! 1 super friendly person

2. People have mistaken this friendly nature for flirting at times.

It’s not called flirting, it’s called being friendly. There is actually a difference and it’s pretty darn clear!

3. Your social media handles are always buzzing.

Not that you’re complaining. 3 super friendly person Also read: 13 Things You’ll Get If Your School Friends Are Still Your BFFs

4. You’re not sure what people mean when they say you’re ‘very friendly’.

Wait, isn’t that a good thing?!

5. You seldom walk out of a room full of people without talking to anyone.

And that’s pretty much how friends are made! 5 super friendly person

6. Your birthdays are always quite the gala affair

You have so many different friends who want to celebrate with you! Also read: 11 Things You’ll Get If Your Bestie Is A Bit Of A Drama Queen!

7. Sometimes it can get a little difficult to make time for *all* your friends

This may sound vain but it is quite a legit problem. 7 super friendly person

8. People are always speculating if you’re dating one of your guy friends.

By that logic, you’d be dating A LOT.

9. Every time you attend a shaadi, your Facebook friends count goes up significantly.

You made friends with Team Groom AND Team Bride, didn’t you?
9 super friendly person Also read: 9 Things You’ll ONLY Get If You’re A Really No-Fuss Kinda Girl!

10. You got 99 problems...

But making friends isn’t one of them!

11. You like people who you instantly vibe with.

How some people can be snobbish/cold when they meet new people is beyond you! 11 super friendly person

12. You hope to be 95 and be still surrounded by friends.

Ah well, you’ll probably make some at the time! GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy
Published on Jul 6, 2016
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