8 Things That Are Too True If You HATE Cooking!

8 Things That Are Too True If You HATE Cooking!
Not every girl loves to cook. In fact, there is a bunch of us who hates it. The kitchen is not our happy place and chopping differently coloured vegetables is not our idea of a “day well spent”. If you’re like us, you will totally get these 8 things:

1. Washing, peeling, chopping three different vegetables for one plain sabzi is too much work for poor little you to handle!

What is easy, however, is simply ordering food in! :p

2. The dough is your arch enemy - refusing to mould into a solid mass, and sticking deep into your fingernails…

And despite all that effort, the damn roti never takes the round shape it’s supposed to! Uff!

2 girl who hates cooking

3. Oh, those onions! Their compatibility with everyone in the vegetable family just makes you cry.

Quite literally. You don’t understand how people can chop them without shedding a few tears.

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4. Spices give you a really bad time - some of them look the same and fool you into using the wrong one…

Plus, you just can’t get the quantity right. An extra tiny spoonful spoils the whole thing. And all that effort is ruined. Argh!

4 girl who hates cooking

5. You are a chai, bread and maggi person - not because of any lack of skill, but out of choice.

Yes, they are my staple and I shall not abandon them for fancy meals.

6. Plus, cooking has left you with bruises…

Spices flying into your eyes, knives cutting into your skin and explosions happening - it’s a dangerous, dangerous thing!

6 girl who hates cooking

7. You have tried to learn with all those tutorials and cooking classes…

And somehow, following the same steps, word for word, spoon for spoon - gives them that delicious looking meal but leaves you with something that just looks sad.

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8. You’ve realised you’re a foodie, not a chef

And you’re quite happy with that. Thank you for the chance, universe, but I pass.

8 girl who hates cooking

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