7 Silly Little Things You *Shouldn’t* Let Your Guy Do!

7 Silly Little Things You *Shouldn’t* Let Your Guy Do!
The world, most of the time, seems like an awfully crazy place, doesn’t it? And knowing that you have someone by your side to share all the madness and still somehow help you maintain your sanity is probably one of the most comforting feelings in the whole wide world. We are sure you mean the world to each other, but there are some things you should NEVER let your boyfriend do!

1. Pay for everything every time!

We know that when he pays for a meal you have enjoyed together, it is a loving gesture and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But do not let him pay for everything, all the time. Offer to split the bill or alternate while paying for stuff. You are an independent girl after all, and you can treat him once in a while too, right?

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2. Leave the toilet seat up!

We know that doing his business requires him to alter the “normal” disposition of the toilet seat - but it does not have to be left “disturbed” for eternity.

3. Repeat his socks!

You don’t want to die of asphyxiation when he comes back from his jog and removes his socks. Enough said.

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4. Be Joey!

Because Joey doesn’t share food.

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5. Cancel multiple plans with his guys to hang out with you!

Unless it's really, really, really important that he should be with you. Because you know his friends mean a lot to him and it’s important that he gets to spend time with them too!

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6. Go to bed angry!

So even if you cannot bring the argument to a definite closure (although we highly recommend you do so… like ASAP!), virtual kisses, GIF hugs and sweet and simple good nights will do too!

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7. Plan your birthday alone

So basically find a way to say this: “Dear boyfriend. I love you a lot. But please take my bestie along with you while you go shopping for my birthday party. She will save you from wasting your time and effort and ending up with the wrong stuff!”

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