Here's What You've Got To Let Your Wedding Planner Know - ASAP!

Here's What You've Got To Let Your Wedding Planner Know - ASAP!
Planning your big, fat shaadi is not an easy task, but let’s just thank the good lord for sending us those angels called ‘wedding planners’. Trust us, they are such a blessing! So, if you too are gearing up for the big day and plan to hire a wedding planner to save you from the mess, this one’s for you. Here are 6 things you must let your wedding planner know - from the very beginning!

1. The overall wedding budget

Let’s not keep these things in the dark. It’s important to let your planner know exactly how much you can and are ready to spend on the entire wedding. To work without a budget in mind will only be a waste of time for both the parties. If you’re not clear about how much to spend, talk to your planner who will help set a budget too.

1 things you must let your wedding planner know

2. Set your priorities right

There is no doubt that your wedding planner is the best judge when it comes to how much to spend on what. But still, don’t refrain from informing them about something you want to save big on or an element you want to go all out with and invest generously. It’ll only help them make your day just as special as you want it to be.

3. Something that really inspires you!

You may have a wedding Pinterest board or a bookmark of a gorgeous wedding that featured on POPxo! You could be inspired by a movie, a book, a motif… anything. Don’t hold back! Let your planner know if there is anything that really defines you and your fiance as a couple. You don’t have to feel shy or silly, just let them know and see how things can be worked around it.

3 things you must let your wedding planner know

4. Destination or not?!

Who doesn’t want a dream destination wedding?! And it won’t be wrong to say that destination weddings too can be executed on a strict budget. Talk to your planner and explore the chances of having a destination wedding. You never know how it works out!

5. A vendor you really want!

Wedding planners usually have a vendor database who they regularly work with. So if there is any vendor whose work you love and would only want him/her to be on board, let your planner know about it. This also helps you understand how comfortable they are working with vendors outside their network. Also, it makes sure that they have enough time to work out the details with the said vendor.

5 things you must let your wedding planner know

6. Who's the boss?

You know the one complaint we’ve often heard from wedding planners? That there are too many family members suggesting too many things! It could be in terms of traditions to follow or decor themes etc. This not just delays work but also put the planners in a very difficult situation. Let them know from the beginning that who really will have the last word and who is the only person they need to get in touch with before finalising anything. One point of contact = efficient and effective work!

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