9 Things You Need To UNLEARN About Relationships

9 Things You Need To UNLEARN About Relationships
The initial phase of every relationship is smooth sailing. Everything is so fresh, new and exciting. You look forward to everything because it comes with an element of surprise. However, as time passes by, some couples start taking each other for granted, without even realising it. This can, in turn, lead to a lot of disappointments, and slowly, the couple begins to question if getting into a relationship was the right decision in the first place. However, a lot of these disappointments arise from the fact that some of us have unrealistic expectations. So girls, it’s time we let go of those. Here’s a checklist.

1. Stop expecting flowers and gifts

Or other materialistic things that you sometimes consider a proof of his love for you. Don’t compare yourself to that other girl who constantly gets gifts from her boyfriend. Some men just don’t feel the need to proclaim their love through gifts. It’s okay, learn to appreciate the smaller things in life because these little things matter the most.

1 things you have to stop expecting

2. Stop expecting that you will be the only girl he thinks about

Let’s face it - you think about other men too. It’s only fair. You’ve thought about your exes, you’ve at one point or the other fantasized about other men too. As long as he is loyal to you, you should overlook the fact that sometimes, you’re not the only girl he thinks of.

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3. Stop expecting the brightest future

The future will be bright, yes, but not always. Misunderstandings will sprout up, you will have ego problems and a clash of ideologies too perhaps. It will be a rocky way up, but don’t lose hope, and most importantly, be prepared for the hurdles and the obstacles that you both will have to overcome.

3 things you have to stop expecting

4. Stop expecting him to be perfect

Remember that you have flaws too. Find beauty in each other’s flaws. Don’t try to change him too much.

5. Stop expecting only smiles always

We’ve heard this famous quote often enough, “ A man who makes you cry doesn’t deserve your tears,” but we have to understand that even he has his bad days, and that he can sometimes say and do things that he doesn’t mean to. He will hurt you, without meaning to, yes. But he will also apologise. He is only human.

5 things you have to stop expecting

6. Stop expecting that he’ll turn into Superman

Yes, he is your stud who will protect you from the 20 men who want a piece of you. If you are in trouble, he will do his best to help and keep you far, far away from harm. But also understand that he gets scared too. He need not always be the hunk you want him to be. Let’s cut him some slack?

7. Stop expecting him to remember important dates

Everyone is always so busy, trying to run this rat race called life. In the middle of all the chaos, it’s only natural that we forget some things. So, if he forgets the anniversary of the first time you kissed, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you enough. Remind him and share the happy moment instead of being mad at him.

7 things you have to stop expecting

8. Stop expecting marriage talk too soon

You may be excited that after being steady relationship for a while, the only logical next step would be to get married. However, sometimes it doesn’t work that way. He might need some more time. It’s no use rushing into marriage. Let things take their natural course.

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9. Stop expecting clarity, and a doubt-free relationship

And these doubts could be triggered by something very insignificant too. Even if you are completely sure of who you are with, you may sometimes think of a “what if” about someone else, and surely, he will have the same thoughts too. Take a deep breath. Keep such thoughts at bay.

9 things you have to stop expecting

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