“Unfollow My Ex?” & Other Things You Can ONLY Ask Your Bestie! | POPxo
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“Unfollow My Ex?” & Other Things You Can ONLY Ask Your Bestie!

“Unfollow My Ex?” & Other Things You Can ONLY Ask Your Bestie!

If someone was to write a book on the most embarrassing moments in our lives, it couldn’t be anyone other than our besties! They know of each and every awkward moment of ours by now, and we really don’t mind because we know theirs! Here are some questions that we can only ask our besties without feeling weird!

1. Can you take a nice photo of me, I need a new DP?!

We have to admit, at some point or another, all of us have felt the pain of not having a good enough display picture for all our social media profiles. Our only option when such a disaster strikes is our bestie who rushes to our aid (with a DSLR camera, preferably). 1 ask your best friends

2. Do you think he likes me?

Our best friend’s opinion on our crush’s behaviour is an absolute necessity! We really can’t develop our feelings further until they give us a thumbs up.

3. Does this make me look fat?

While we are proud of our bodies the way they are, and wouldn’t change a thing about them, our besties are the only ones we’ll turn to in case we need an honest opinion on whether we look hideous or not. 3 ask your best friends

4. Can you unfollow my ex?

This is one awkward request that we can only make to our closest friends without sounding totally bitchy! They know we’d do it for them without giving it a second thought, if they asked! Also read: 11 Kinds Of Boyfriends EVERY Best Friend Hates!

5. Are you going to eat that?

This question pops out everytime their plates look more delicious than ours, doesn’t it? Whatever the answer, they know we are going to take a huge bite, anyway! 5 ask your best friends

6. Can we PLEASE go for a vacation, like, right now?

Is there anyone else we can imagine spending the perfect vacation with? Probably not. Our besties are the best chilling partners for all kinds of holidays and we cannot even begin planning a vacation without them. I mean, it’s almost a crime! Also read: Dear Bestie, 11 Times In Life I Just *Can’t* Do Without You!

7. What is the meaning of life, anyway?

Every time we are stuck in a boring day at work, or in an excruciatingly long lecture and are questioning our existence when going through the worst of mood swings, we know only our besties can cheer us up with their silly jokes and sweet words. A cribbing session with our girlfriends can go a long way! 7 ask your best friends GIFs: Giphy
Published on Jul 12, 2016
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