10 Things EVERY Girl Misses About Her School!

10 Things EVERY Girl Misses About Her School!
We all hated school when we were younger, especially during the exams! But as we go through life, we realise that those were the simplest times ever. There are innumerable things we miss about school and school days. Here’s a list of 10 such things you will relate to...

1. Early mornings

How we used to dread that morning alarm for school! That was when we discovered the beautiful relationship we shared with our beds.

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2. Getting ready

Trying to make a boring school uniform look ultra stylish was hard! Remember buying smaller sized skirts and wearing your school socks low? Also, we had to make a little extra effort when we had someone ‘special’ to meet at school! We used to try to look as pretty as possible without makeup for them.

3. Hot seniors

Stolen glances at that one hot senior were so scary yet worth it! Almost all of us had that one senior who was so gorgeous, that we couldn’t get our eyes off of him. But most of us never had the courage to approach him. :P

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4. Casual days

Remember school events when we could wear casual clothes? Those were the only days we could become divas and come to school. Till the 7th standard, we could wear casual clothes to school on our birthday but then it became a little too embarrassing! So after that we were stuck with days like the class assembly or farewells for wearing clothes of our choice to school.

5. Birthdays and canteen food

Birthday celebrations in class were simple yet made us feel so special. Nobody ever knew where to look when the whole class clapped and sang “Happpyyyyyy Biiirrttttthhhhhddaaaayyyy ttoooo yyyooouuuu”! This was followed by treats in the canteen. There were many reasons to bully a friend into treating you at the canteen, but on birthdays, there was no bullying necessary!

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6. School function

Preparations for functions and competitions were always exciting. Staying back in school after hours, eating snacks together with friends from different sections, joking around the empty corridors, dancing - so much fun! The school elections were another exciting part of the year.  Preparing speeches, running around for your campaign and a pinch of politics - all worth every minute that we spent working hard!

7. The school bell

The school bell which ended each class was always welcome. But nothing can match the happiness of hearing the LAST bell of the day! The relief.

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8. The punishments

Standing outside class holding our ears, putting a finger on our lips and kneeling on the floor in class were the most common punishments. And we couldn’t help giggling with our friends when we were being scolded by a teacher.

9. The teachers

After our parents, our teachers were the ones who were most proud of us. They have been there to help us when we couldn’t help ourselves. They’ve given us the biggest gifts the human mind can get: knowledge.

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10. The friendships

Friendships built in school are the most meaningful and it’s difficult to make such true friends at any other point in life. Our school friends have grown up with us and know almost everything about us. They become our greatest strength and support system.

Contributed by: Nayanika Ratnu

Nayanika is currently pursuing a degree in Economics from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. She has an undying love for writing and never leaves her house without a book in hand.

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