8 Things You NEED To Start Planning 6 Months Before The Wedding

8 Things You NEED To Start Planning 6 Months Before The Wedding
We’ve all heard the saying “A stitch in time, saves nine” – and when it comes to planning your wedding, there isn’t a more apt idiom to live by. Planning in advance is key, to a smooth, glitch-free wedding ceremony. What with doing multiple rounds with all those lehenga designers, event designers, caterers, DJs, venues, photographers…and then zeroing down on THE ONE (that is, if they aren’t already booked out). Before you get worried sick, we give you a list of things you MUST start thinking about at least 6 months before the wedding.

1.   The wedding budget

This is primary, girls. Almost everything else that goes into the wedding planning process is dependent on the sum you and your family are comfortable spending. Further divide that into what you’re looking to spend on the food, entertainment, décor, wedding outfit, photographers, the invite, etc.

1 six months before your wedding

2. Number of guests

Whether you want your wedding to be a grand affair attended by 1,000 guests or an intimate, sweet occasion with a party of 200 is a call you need to take well in advance. This will help you visualize your wedding and how exactly you want it to turn out. Besides, what caterer or venue you choose is also dependent on the number of people that are expected to attend your D-Day.

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3. Save-the-date messages/ cards

It is your BIG day and you definitely don’t want a select few people to miss this because, well, they didn’t know well in advance and have made prepaid bookings for a Europe vacay! Send your save-the-dates as soon as you have a date chalked out, ladies.

3 six months before your wedding

4. The perfect venue

THIS, young lady, is going to form the backdrop of your entire wedding day album! It had better be gorgeous and, more importantly, available and affordable.

5. Lehenga designers

We’re assuming you’ve already gone through every post on your fav designers’ Instagram accounts, and have skimmed through all the wedding mags of the season. Have a clear idea of the kind of outfit you want, take advice from your friends who have been recently married and start looking for the all-important wedding lehenga. Why 6 months in advance, you ask? Well, choosing the right one for you will definitely take more than one trip to the showrooms, then the making of it, and you’ve got to leave time for a couple of fitting trials too!

5 six months before your wedding

6. Book your vendors

Because, girls, one moment they’re available, and the other, they’re booked out for the entire wedding season. Of course, you have to keep aside some buffer time to weigh your options and the multiple proposals you get from caterers, decorators, photographers, etc.

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7. Who to delegate what to

Your team’s got to be sorted! You, dear bride, cannot shoulder each and every responsibility pertaining to the planning of your wedding. So, have your team in place, figure out who is good at what, and distribute the duties to every member of Team Bride accordingly.

7 six months before your wedding

8. The dreamy honeymoon, of course!

All fancy/ exotic holiday packages can work out to be quite an expensive affair, lest you book it well in advance. Plan the destination with your dearly beloved, and then get cracking on the flights and hotel bookings ASAP.

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