Meeting Someone You Met Online? 7 Things To Keep In Mind! | POPxo
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Meeting Someone You Met Online? 7 Things To Keep In Mind!

Meeting Someone You Met Online? 7 Things To Keep In Mind!

It’s a risky business, meeting someone online. But then again, when was falling in love not risky? It’s a brave new world, and we’ve got to keep up with the changing times. So, if you are planning to meet that cute guy you met on a dating app or website, in person - here’s what you should keep in mind!

1. Spy a bit!

We are assuming that you’ve been talking to him for a while, and know quite a bit about him already. Even then, you must “stalk” his profile and try to get an idea of what he’s really like. Check the kind of friends he has, the kind of people he follows, groups he has liked and comments he has made on other people’s posts. 1 someone you met online

2. Let someone know that you are meeting this person, and where exactly are you going to meet him.

We understand that your parents may not entirely approve of you meeting someone just like that, which is why you may not want to tell them. But, you must still let at least one close friend know your whereabouts, so that he/she can come rescue you if things turn the wrong way. Also read: New To Online Dating? 8 Tips To Get It Right!

3. Pick a place for the meeting, instead of letting him pick one…

Make sure you choose a public place, frequented by a lot of other people. This will reduce chances of any misadventures happening and will keep you safe - just in case his intentions are different than yours!
3 someone you met online

4. Try not to over dress, or wear anything *too* revealing...

The first time you meet someone you met online, in person, it is more of an introductory meeting than a date. So, be casual and try to get know him better and see how comfortable you feel before you decide to go on an actual date.

5. Drinking too much may not be the best idea!

Because, honestly and unfortunately, it’s not safe. You don’t wanna end up doing something you might regret later, just because you were under the influence of alcohol, right? Plus, the first time you meet him, you would want to talk to him and get to know him better instead of dancing the night away and getting wasted, right? 5 someone you met online

6. Try and arrange your own ride home...

You might not want to reveal your home address to him just yet - therefore getting someone reliable to come pick you up, or using public transport to get back home might be a safer option.
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7. Why not make it a double date?

Meeting a person you barely know anything about all by yourself for the very first time can be unnerving. So why not ask him to get a friend along, and you ask a friend along too? That way, you will have company and a person to make an exit plan with, incase the guys seem even slightly shady! 7 someone you met online GIFs: Giphy
Published on Jul 31, 2016
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