7 Things To Do To Build Intimacy With Him (No, Not Sex!)

7 Things To Do To Build Intimacy With Him (No, Not Sex!)
Sex is an integral part of your relationship, and if you want it to be a special first time with him, it’s important that you to wait for the right moment. Have some *fun* and an exciting lead-up to the final step. Here are 7 things you can do that will bring you two closer before sex!

1. Have a movie night

Watching a movie together under a cozy blanket, with a bucket of popcorn to munch from, is the simplest way to get comfortable with your partner. Make sure you choose a genre that both of you enjoy so that neither feels bored.

2. Do some indoor camping

This could be an interesting thing to do if you want to have fun whilst enjoying your privacy. Build a bedroom tent with bed-sheets, sneak in some fluffy pillows and put up a few fairy lights to make it a romantic evening!

2 before sex

3. Help clean out each other’s closet

Here’s a way to motivate each other to finish that tedious job we all hate. Pick one day each for yourselves and help clean out your closets. This way, both of you can share all your memories and get to know each other better as you also clear out all that junk.

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4. Play a sexy game

Get that adrenaline flowing by exploring each other’s body through a sexy game like strip poker or by blindfolding each other. You can even turn your regular board games sexy by upping the stakes. The best part about these games is that, losing is more fun than winning! *wink wink*

4 before sex

5. Do a photoshoot

We all love getting some beautiful photos taken, right? So grab a camera and do a photoshoot with your partner. Wear funky outfits and use your imagination to create magical photos of the two of you together. A fun thing to do after this would be to create a cute scrapbook of all these photos that you can look at whenever you miss each other.

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6. Cook for each other

Even if you or your partner don’t like cooking, you can turn it into a fun activity by cooking simple things like eggs, pasta or maggi together. You eat his dish and he eats yours. It will also be a good way to know who will be cooking in the long run! :P

6 before sex

7. Cuddle up

Is there any better way to relax and unwind with your partner than cuddling with him? Just stay in bed all day, talk to each other and enjoy the moment.

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