The *Right* Way To Prep Your Skin For Waxing Before The Shaadi!

The *Right* Way To Prep Your Skin For Waxing Before The Shaadi!
Waxing is part and parcel of every girl’s life, but it becomes so much more important for brides. After all, your skin must look extra-special on your wedding day (and after!). So, here is a list of 7 things that every bride MUST do before her waxing appointment to prep her skin!

1. Know Your Hair Growth

prep skin for waxing

Hair grows at different speeds for different people. While Bride A may not feel the need to get waxed for a month, Bride B may need to get waxed every two weeks! It is important that you figure out the rate at which your hair grows so you can book an appointment for waxing accordingly.

2. Check Your Skin

Irritated skin, places with rashes and injuries should obviously not be waxed. Wait for your skin to heal if you have any of the above, before you go in for your waxing session. If you have moles or lesions on your skin, do not wax over them! Make sure you point them out to your beautician before she begins waxing you.

3. Let Your Hair Grow

prep skin for waxing

If you go into your waxing appointment with very short hair, the wax won’t be able to pick it up. The ideal length of your hair should be one quarter of an inch on the arms, legs and bikini area, and maybe slightly longer on the underarms.

4. Exfoliate… Gently

Exfoliate your skin well two days before the appointment. A good body scrub will gently slough off dead and dry skin, making it easier for the waxing strips to grab hair. Well exfoliated skin is also less susceptible to ingrown hair as scrubbing unclogs hair follicles. But remember to not scrub on the day of the appointment, as that can leave your skin sensitive and more susceptible to pain. A loofah or a soft washcloth is ideal for this exfoliation.

5. Moisturizer: Yes Or No?

prep skin for waxing

You should never, ever put on moisturizer on the day of the waxing appointment. Too much moisturizer coats the surface of your skin, making it difficult to wax. However, in the days leading up to the appointment, make sure you do moisturize well with a water-based lotion.

6. Hydrate Your Skin

A few hours before your appointment, soak yourself in lukewarm water for 5-10 minutes. This will hydrate your skin, which in turn will make the hair removal easier.

7. Brush On Powder

prep skin for waxing

Now this is something that your beautician will do for you immediately before she begins waxing. In case she doesn’t, make sure you remind her to! A light dusting of talcum powder on the area to be waxed makes it so much easier to remove hair, so don’t forget to do it! Use a trusted brand of talcum or baby powder (you don’t want any skin problems before your wedding, do you?).

There - you’re all set to look flawless on your wedding day with smooth and shiny skin!

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