10 Things Punjabi Girls Just. NEVER. Do!!

10 Things Punjabi Girls Just. NEVER. Do!!
You can go to a continent miles away from home and no one may get a single word of the English you speak, but the minute you tell them that you’re a “Punjabi”, you will most probably get a “balle balle” or “sat sri akal” as a reply. If you are nodding and smiling at your screen while reading this, then you, dear Punjabi kudi, are the one we’re talking about! Here are a few things Punjabi girls just cannot do!

1. Not talk loudly

Because we don’t believe in khusar pusar!

1 punjabi girls never do

2. Buy stuff at its original price

Because hello? Haven’t you seen that ad? The one which says you can bargain on the MRP?

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3. Not be the life of the party!

Do you see that girl standing in the corner, talking to her friend over a glass of coke? Yea, Nope. That’s not one of us. The one at the centre of the crowd, putting Shakira to shame over a glass of whiskey...yeah that’s definitely one of us!

3 punjabi girls never do

4. Not know swear words!

We have the latest edition of the “Great book of swear words”. Don’t make us use it!

5. Run out of interesting stories to tell

We have a family probably equal to the size of a European town! How are we supposed to have nothing to talk about?

5 punjabi girls never do

6. Go on a diet!

Me: Diet? Mom, what’s a diet?

Mom: Nothing puttar! Tu aaloo ka parantha kha!

7. Hold grudges and say nothing!

We.Just.Can’t. If we have something against you, we are going to erupt on you with words which may sound rude at that moment, but hey, we don’t keep grudges in our hearts. Only good memories :)

7 punjabi girls never do

8. Turn down a challenge

We may rock at it or we may not! But we ain’t sayin “No” to any sorta challenge. Whether it’s a bike race or a golgappa eating competition!

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9. Leave you alone when you’re feeling low

So what if you are having a bad day? We’re there for you. Also, there’s nothing that a hug and a plate of chhole bhatoore can’t fix, right?

9 punjabi girls never do

10. Not dance in the baaraat!!!

Doesn’t matter if we are from the bride’s side or the groom’s! Thumka toh banta hai!

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