9 Things I’d TOTALLY Do If I Turned Into A Guy For A Day! *Wink*

9 Things I’d TOTALLY Do If I Turned Into A Guy For A Day! *Wink*
Have you ever come across people who tend to sometimes randomly just zone out into a world of their own? Hey... Hi! I am one of those people, and in fact, I kinda enjoy when my imagination takes me into this whole new space! So, on one of these “trips”, I had a cray cray thought! What if I transformed into a guy for a day?! Here is what I think I would do...

1. Look down and go “Damn! This wasn’t there yesterday!”

Like seriously, that would be my first reaction! Because let's face it, it’s going to feel weird to have that “load” down there!

1 a guy for a day

2. Call my boyfriend.

AND my bestie. Well, I don’t know what I would say to my boyfriend though. “Hey dude! You gotta boyfriend now!” may be?

2 a guy for a day 1

3. Roam around shirtless, wearing the wackiest pair of boxers possible!

Simply because I can! I am a guy, and that’s totally acceptable!

3 a guy for a day

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4. Stand and pee!

Firstly, because even after changing into a guy I would NEED to pee! And second, I want to know how that feels. Like do I need to aim or something, or does it adjust itself on its own... how does that really work?

4 a guy for a day

5. Go out for a gedhi at 2:30AM!

Without being scared outta my shorts! Without worrying about getting home safe, blah blah blah.

5 a guy for a day

6. Lie on my stomach for as long as I want!

Because, ahem… no obstruction, you see. I can lie facing down without being worried about squishing “stuff” and hurting myself.

6 a guy for a day

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7. Buy liquor from a theka...

Without the strange men ogling at me! Or some random uncle telling me “Beta, this is too strong for girls.”

7 a guy for a day

8. Give myself a, ahem... Handjob.

Because I can’t really cheat on my boyfriend even as a guy! But I so want to know what it feels like!

8 a guy for a day

9. Get kicked in the balls!

And once and for all, end the greatest debate of humanity, perhaps -  what hurts more, getting kicked in the balls or having a baby! I’d probably do this at the end of the day when I know I am going to switch back real soon!

9 a guy for a day

I know, I know I sound a tad bit crazy. But hey! Think about what you will do. I am sure you will come up with some even more crazy ideas!

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