things I want to say to my boyfriend

9 Little Things I Want To Say To Him Every Morning! *Heart*

Sneha Manandhar


Dear love of my life, you’ve made my life so colourful and beautiful, and for that, I will forever be grateful. I don’t say these things often enough, but these are the things I want to say to you every morning.

1. “I love you, hon”

Because you are awesome, and also, because I genuinely do love you.

1 things I want to say to my boyfriend

2. “Can we cuddle for 10 more minutes?”

Being in your arms feels like the safest place to be. Plus, you smell really, really nice.

3. “You look so adorable”

You really do! Your ruffled hair and the droopy eyes look makes me want to eat you up.

3 things I want to say to my boyfriend

4. “Babe, can you make me some coffee please?”

Well, we have our lazy days when we feel like doing nothing. So, pretty please, could you make me some coffee?

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5. “I choose you, forever”

And I want to wake up to your face for the rest of my life.

5 things I want to say to my boyfriend

6. “Can we stay in bed all day?”

It’s so warm, fuzzy and comfortable. Your skin feels so nice against mine.

7. “Can we time travel?”

And go back to last night, or maybe to the point when we first met? I want to experience everything with you, all over again.

7 things I want to say to my boyfriend

8. “Don’t wake me up!”

Not yet, please? I still have the entire day to go out and do things with you!

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9. “I want to make babies with you”

I really do! Imagine how cute they would be!

9 things I want to say to my boyfriend

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Published on Jul 15, 2016
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