9 Cute Things Happy Couples Do Together!

9 Cute Things Happy Couples Do Together!
They say that it’s the little things that take up most space in your heart. And that holds true even in a relationship. Read on to know the little things happy couples do, and you can gauge for yourself the kind of relationship you’re in with your partner.

1. What’s cookin’?

It’s doing the simple mundane activities that make all the difference, and food tops the list. If a couple is able to cook a meal together, and thereafter enjoy that meal, then they’re definitely in it for the long run. Also, when two people share their food or sip from the same drink, there is an undercurrent of intimacy involved in doing so. Besides, the kitchen is also a place where so many other naughty things can happen! Dessert, anyone? *wink wink*

2. Long walks/drives

Going for long walks or drives, just travelling mindlessly with your partner gives you a good chance to spend time with one another and talk about anything and everything. The deepest conversations take place when you don’t consciously plan them, bringing you closer to each other. After all, the most precious thing a person can give to another in a relationship is their time, particularly nowadays when we all are so occupied with our work, family and responsibilities.

3. Khel khel mein

Whether it’s badminton, board games or even PS3 - couples that play together, stay together. Including some naughty penalties and rewards in the game is a sweet way to make things even more exciting. Playing games is not only an enjoyable way to spend time with him, but also a great way to destress.

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4. Marathon? A SITCOM marathon, of course!

Girls, how fun is it to sit with your boyfriend on the couch for hours at end, munch away, cuddle and watch endless Sitcoms or your all-time favourite movie?! Sharing a comfort zone with each other, doing everyday things together is the true essence of a happy relationship.

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5. Sweat it out!

Yes! Something as simple as working out or going for a jog together is a sign that a couple is in a happy relationship. The daily regime of sweating it out together not only keeps you fit, but also shows how you have a routine that essentially involves your partner. Plus, working out needs no dressing up, so being your natural self with your partner each day makes it evident that you both accept each other for your true selves. (*cause you’re amazing just the way you are*) #Brunomars

6. Mingle much

If you’re comfortable going out together with each other’s friends - just for a snack or a few drinks - it shows that you want the other to mingle with your friends, and that you both are comfortable being together in front of the world.

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7. Lovers getaway

It doesn’t have to be somewhere far away or a very fancy place, just an escape from the daily hustle bustle of life. You log off, spend quality time chatting and make up for all those days you were stuck at work, or engaged in family commitments and other responsibilities. Just that one weekend getaway, every few months, keeps your relationship fresh and rejuvenated.

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8. Common interests

A couple that indulges in activities that they both enjoy - it could be pottery, gardening, salsa or even some wine tasting - strengthens the bond that they share. Spending time with someone you love, and that too as you do something you both enjoy, signals to a happy relationship.

9. Because love needs no reason…

Just holding hands, kissing often and meeting one another just because you both want to, with no pre-decided agenda, places to go or things to do in mind. Doing all of that is a sign that you two are made for each other. At the end of the day, a loving relationship is one where you simply enjoy your partner’s company no matter where you are and what you are doing.

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