#HeSays: Naughty Things Guys Want To Try With Their Girlfriends!

#HeSays: Naughty Things Guys Want To Try With Their Girlfriends!
If you ask a guy and he tells you that he doesn't have a bucket list full of naughty things, he's lying through his teeth, ladies. Every guy has a fairly long list of sexy things he wants to try. But there a few of those we just want to try with our girlfriends. Here are some of them...

1. A Strip Show

We'll settle for anything - enacting a strip show at home with our girlfriends (yes, we're okay with taking turns) or going for one with them. Or, actually, both? *Wink*

2. A Sex Marathon

Just lock the doors and windows, throw away our phones and laptops and just have non-stop sex… Okay, we need a minute to stop imagining that now.

2 things guys want to try

3. Hot Tub Fun

So, sure, this might be a bit difficult to manage, but a guy can dream, right? In a hot tub, with the girlfriend by our side, music and beer! What more could we even ask for?

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4. Skinny Dipping!

Skinny dipping is on everyone's list. But this would be just a whole lot more fun to do with our girlfriends. Kind of obvious why, right?

4 things guys want to try

5. Going Commando Together

Preferably when she is wearing a skirt or a dress... Just the thought of having that kind of easy access would make us want to find a empty room somewhere, no matter where we are and how proper we need to be.

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6. Sweet Self Lovin'

Yes, we want to touch you… All the time. But we also want to watch you touch yourself. We imagine that there is a different kind of pleasure in watching you do that while we...give ourselves a hand, let's say.

6 things guys want to try

7. Lingerie Shopping

Yes, ladies, you heard us right. We would not only not crib but also offer to go shopping with you when there is only lingerie on your to-buy list. One condition: you have to let us see every little (pun intended) thing you try on. In the trial room. ;-)

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