9 Adorable Things Our Boys Do To Make Us Love Them More!

9 Adorable Things Our Boys Do To Make Us Love Them More!
Though we might crib about our boyfriends, once in a while, there is no replacement for them in our lives. Even if they don’t go out of their way to please us, there are several little things they do that make us feel extremely special, and there wouldn’t be enough ‘thank yous’ in this world for that happy feeling we get!

Here are some things that boyfriends do that make us glad we have them in our life!

1. Listen. Really listen.

One of the most important things we look for when dating someone, is a person who truly wants to hear our thoughts, ideas and problems. Our boyfriends don’t just hear us out, but also try to help us out with whatever we need in that case.

2. Start our day with compliments!

What’s better than waking up to the most loving compliments? Yup, that’s right, NOTHING. A simple “You’re the best. Have a great day, love!” can really kickstart our day and make us feel confident, ready to take on the world!

2 make girls feel special

3. Notice the little changes.

It is amazing when guys notice tiny things like a change in how you regularly style your hair or a makeup hack you decided to try. It shows that they pay attention to detail. It is even better when they love the new change and won’t stop complimenting us for that!

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4. Carry our shopping bags without complaints.

What would life be like without our boyfriends helping us out while shopping? Even if they can’t help us choose, they are always there to hold our bags and just play along (even when we are dragging them from one shop to another) and we absolutely love them for it!

4 make girls feel special

5. Check on us.

It is one of the most delightful feelings when he remembers that we have a hard day ahead of us, and leaves us motivating texts or checks on how we’re holding up. A relationship with mutual support and love goes a long way, girls!

6. Pamper us with food.

It is so much fun to thoroughly enjoy your favourite food with your favorite person! You know there is a special kind of connection when your guy knows your comfort food for every occasion!

6 make girls feel special

7. Unexpected romantic gestures.

More than expensive gifts, what really makes us happy is when guys do things when we least expect them. Like sending flowers at work just when we are having a rough day or do some social media PDA late at night because they miss us, or leave little happy notes for us for absolutely no reason!

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8. Make an effort towards our friends and family.

If we introduce our boyfriend to our friends and family it is because we’d love for them to know our world. And it feels great when he makes an effort towards getting along with people who mean a lot to us girlfriends.

8 make girls feel special

9. Give us space when we need it.

All of us need our space every once in a while. And a partner who understands that, is worth holding on to, right?

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