9 Things ALL Guys Do... But Never Admit!

9 Things ALL Guys Do... But Never Admit!
Behind that relaxed, cool and dashing personality, is a shy li’l boy who does stuff he’ll never admit to the rest of the world. Yes girls! Did you think you are the only ones? Psst...ask your boyfriend. He won’t accept it easily, but here are a few things he does, and pretends he does not…

1. He loves to gossip

They LOVE gossip, probably as much as you do, if not more! It’s high time Gossip Girl had a new version on television! (Cue: Gossip Guy! *wink*)

1 guys do not admit

2. He cries and gets senti!

He cried while watching P.S. I Love You. He may not admit it, but while he was handing you tissues, he was helping himself with some too. Remember the time he said, “I am not crying, there is something in my eye!”? Yeah, he was probably lying.

3. He’s a cuddler and loves those cutesy pet names

He really likes to cuddle, and you will feel that when he does. And that goofy name you call him by, that he pretends he is too cool for? he loves that too. Umm...not in front of his friends maybe!

3 guys do not admit

4. He’s quite particular about his grooming

Night cream, day cream, lotions, sunblocks - he uses it all. He may pretend to not care enough, but have you ever seen how seriously he takes his hair trimmer? And FYI, he tried as many outfits as you did before he “threw on” his smashing suit for the party!

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5. He too sucks in his stomach to see how fit he can look

Have you ever worn that slightly fitted dress, and then breathed in and held your breath to see how you would look if you had an uber flat stomach? He does that too!

5 guys do not admit

6. Yeah, he totally checks out the guy his GF’s checking out

He might act totally chilled out on the subject, but the second he finds you checking out another guy, he is gonna check him out too! Just to see what the big deal is, you know? And when you ask him about it? “No babe. Come on! I am straight!”. We know dear, we know.

7. He’s into rom-coms

That time when you entered his room and he had a panick attack, switched off the TV with a jerk and put a sloppy smile across his face, he wasn’t watching porn. He was watching When Harry Met Sally. He just didn’t want you to find out. Because...it's not a very “masculine movie” according to some. *eye roll*

7 guys do not admit

8. He slaps on his girl’s lotions and creams sometimes

No, your sunblock did not spill over, neither did your night cream evaporate into thin air.

Hint: Your boyfriend may be on an experimenting spree.

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9. He misses his girl SO much

More than he says, or shows. He really, really does. So go on, give him a hug!

9 guys do not admit

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