15 Thoughts You Have When You Start Sharing A Room With Him!

15 Thoughts You Have When You Start Sharing A Room With Him!
Before a girl gets married, there are a zillion things on her mind. For instance: her wedding day, her lehenga fittings, her honeymoon, etc. There’s every chance she doesn’t even begin to imagine what really happens when she finally moves in with the husband. Here’s what goes through every girl’s mind after the big move with the new roomie has finally commenced!

1. OMG! This feels just like a sleepover.

Except, with a boy.

(2) 1 living with husband

2. I need more storage space than him!

Obviously, I have wayyyy more clothes.

3. I love that we can get naughty at any point in the day or night!

Wait, can people outside hear us?!

(2) 3 living with husband

4. This feels so college-like.

Ah well, I think my new roomie is kind of cute. ;)

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5. I’m suddenly very aware of how many weird pyjamas I have.

Note to self: Go buy better nightclothes.

(2) 5 living with husband

6. Gosh, this guy is messy!

And I thought I had issues.

7. OMG – he snores! I’m doomed!

Should I ‘accidently’ hit him with my pillow?

(2) 7 living with husband

8. I have way more beauty products strewn around than I need.

There’s no way I’m admitting that in front of him!

9. These posters on his walls are ugly and need to go STAT!

Wait, have they always been here?!

(2) 9 living with husband

10. But I only fall asleep after checking Instagram in bed for 20 minutes!

Whatever, he’ll get used to it!

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11. Why is he always hogging the blanket?

I’m just buying my own blanket tomorrow.

(2)11 living with husband

12. Wait, is my husband a polar bear?

Why is the AC temperature always so low?!

13.  We really need to redecorate.

The vibes are just not girly enough.

(2) 13 living with husband

14. I honestly wish we had two bathrooms.

And they say girls take long to get ready!

15. He’s just going to have to get used to my bras lying around everywhere.

Because that’s how I roll! Also, #MarriedLife.

(2) 15 living with husband

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