9 Things EVERY English Lit. Student Is Tired Of Hearing!

9 Things EVERY English Lit. Student Is Tired Of Hearing!
“English padh rahe ho? Marks nahi aaye class 12 mein?”

Everybody studying English literature in college has heard this at least once. People can sometimes come up with the most random comments for English students! So THIS, and 9 other ridiculous things that every English student is tired of hearing:

1. “You just have to read novels. Must be so easy na?”

You just have to offer unsolicited opinions on things you know nothing about. Must be so easy na?

1 english literature student

2. “Hahaha Shakespeare padhoge?”

Because that’s all there is to English literature, isn’t it? Shakespeare (with due respect).

2 english literature student

3. “So… Are you going to become a teacher?”

I don’t know, man. Are you going to become a koala bear because you’re a biology major?

3 english literature student

4. “You’re so lucky you have such a light course!”

You’re so lucky you don’t have to deal with the emotional aftermath of deconstructing Toni Morrison. Light, indeed!

4 english literature student

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5. “I would’ve loved to study English but my parents would have killed me!”

No, it doesn’t HAVE to be Economics or B.com!

5 english literature student

6. “You must be one of those feminists type na?”

Why do you say that like it’s a bad thing?

6 english literature student

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7. “Are you a Grammar Nazi? Are you judging my language right now?”

No. I don’t believe that a person’s language skills should be a parameter to judge them. Studying literature has taught me that much. But I do cringe a little inside every time you say ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re.’

7 english literature student

8. “Can you please help me with this cover letter/ application/ essay?”

Ha! Now you need me!

8 english literature student

9. “Really though, are there jobs for you?”

Really though, the possibilities are endless.

9 english literature student

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