11 Things Confident Girls Say To Themselves Every Day!

11 Things Confident Girls Say To Themselves Every Day!
Jessie J once said, “I think confidence is the sexiest thing to have” and there is not even an iota of doubt about that. A confident girl is probably more attractive, because the jump in her stride and the twinkle in her eye is just the most infectious thing ever. But the world isn’t always an easy place to be in, is it? Well, just so you cope with the challenges of the world and don’t lose your sparkle in the bargain, here are a few things every girl must tell herself everyday.

1. Good morning, beautiful!

I am beautiful and I don’t need anyone else’s approval to believe that! *flying kiss to myself in the mirror*

1 confident girls tell themselves

2. It’s my day!

I own this day and I am going to do so many awesome things! It will be so much fun. *dose of energy - gulp*

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3. Let's make a plan!

I am going to do this..this..and then this, and I should be done by 6! Then I think I can squeeze in a late dinner with my mom! Oh yes!

3 confident girls tell themselves

4. Let’s try it this way!

So plan A didn’t work. I still have plan B, C and D too! I ain’t backing down so easily!

5. That’s okay. Things will be better. I will make them better.

Okay, so what if I am in a bit of a mess at the moment? I’m just going to take a deep breath *long deep breath* and sort this out, step by step. It’s going to be fine and I am going to make sure that happens.

5 confident girls tell themselves

6. Criticism? Bring it on! Let's see what can be done!

Hmmm, maybe I could have done this better, and I think I hurried this a little too much which is why it doesn’t look so good. Thank you, critics! You help me be a better version of me!

7. Dear people talking behind my back, there is a reason you are behind me.

Criticism, I gladly welcome, but dear people talking behind my back, guess what? I don’t really care about what you say, because if what you were saying was legit, you would have had the courage to say it to my face.

7 confident girls tell themselves

8. There is no harm in trying!

This looks a little more challenging than usual. But let me try! After all, there’s nothing I can lose by giving it a shot. If it happens, great! And if it doesn’t, I will have no regrets and will learn so much from it!

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9. Let me talk to him/her about this. They might know better!

There is no harm in taking advice and suggestions, and I can always ask someone when I am in doubt. There’s definitely no ego problem here.

9 confident girls tell themselves

10. I deserve a little treat!

I surely deserve a reward for having achieved the goal I had set for myself. Well done, me!

11. Well done, you!

It feels great to have super talented people around me. And complimenting them only makes things better. So, well done, you. You’re awesome! *A little appreciation goes a long way*

11 confident girls tell themselves

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