Things you should know before waxing the bikini area

Things you should know before waxing the bikini area
Grooming down there is a major concern for any bride-to-be in anticipation of the wedding night and honeymoon. If you’re unsure about what to do or have any doubts, we help put them to rest with this guide to bikini area grooming for brides. Read on to get you and your bikini area prepared for the big day.

bikini area grooming

Bikini area hair removal tip 1- Evaluate the best method

Laser hair reduction is a great idea as it has the most long-lasting effects.However, it requires a few sessions, so it’s smart to start as soon as you get engaged. It is an expensive procedure, but think of it as an investment since you’ll be almost hair-free forever. Find out more about laser hair reduction here

Shaving is one of the most common methods since it’s inexpensive, quick, painless and can be done yourself. Yes, it saves you from the embarrassment of having a stranger be all up in your privates, but your hair grows back faster and you’re at a risk of razor burn, cuts and ingrown hair. 

Waxing is another common method and one that we would suggest over shaving if you don’t want to go in for laser removal. Yes, it hurts and the thought of it can fill any girl with fear and dread, but trust us, once it’s done you feel so smooth down there, it will be totally worth it. Plus, once you do it 2 or 3 times, it’s not so bad - just like with waxing your arms or legs, you get used to it.

Bikini area hair removal tip 2- Pay heed to the ingrown hair

Yes, you can get pesky ingrown hair even in your bikini region. Just like any other part of your body, exfoliate your skin regularly to help remove the layer of dead skin that hair could be trapped under. Also, don’t wax or shave too often as that could be causing those annoying ingrowths. 

bikini area grooming

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Bikini area hair removal tip 3- Find the right time for waxing bikini area

Just before your wedding is definitely not when you should be having your first bikini wax ever. If you’re a bikini wax virgin then get your first wax a couple months in advance so you can be sure that your sensitive skin in the area won’t react to it. Also, it will give your hair enough time to grow out for your main wax before the wedding. Get it done about 4 days before your shaadi functions begin to let the redness settle and ensure that your tender skin doesn’t get irritated by the fabric of your heavy outfits. Also, this way you can stay hair-free through your honeymoon as well. 

4.Know when to trim

The optimal length for hair to be waxed or shaved is eyelash-length as it shouldn’t be too short or too long. You should trim to accommodate this length, but be careful about not trimming too short. 

bikini area grooming5.Find out the right wax for yourself!

When most of us say bikini wax we generally mean waxing the whole area but actually a Bikini wax is waxing the bikini line only. It helps the area look clean and groomed without any hair peaking out of a bikini. 

A Brazilian wax removes hair from the entire area, including hair in between your butt cheeks. (Don’t worry, the butt doesn’t really hurt at all!). You can choose if you want to be completely hairless or go for this type of wax, but leave behind a landing strip or a little patch of hair if you don’t want to be completely bald down there. 

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Bikini area hair removal tip 6- The perfect intervals between waxing!

The hair growth cycle is about 30 days, which means you can stay hair-free through your honeymoon and slip into a bikini without having to think twice. Book your appointment around the same date every month, so it’s easy to remember when you’re due for one. By sticking to a one-month interval you’re allowing your hair to grow the optimal length without growing too long to cause too much pain. 

bikini area grooming7.Maintain the smoothness longer

You need to moisturize the area after waxing or shaving with a mild lotion that is fragrance-free. Coconut oil or baby oil is also a great idea to keep the area hydrated and super soft. We generally ignore the pubic region while moisturizing, so it’s important to remember to do this after hair removal. Also, be sure to exfoliate the area with a gentle scrub a few days after your waxing appointment. Remember not to wear tight clothes and skinny jeans right after your appointment; instead wear loose breathable clothes to avoid redness and irritation. A super smooth bikini area can help you feel amazing and give you oodles of confidence for a memorable wedding night! ;) 

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