What Kind Of Guys Do You Fall For? Your Sun Sign Says…

What Kind Of Guys Do You Fall For? Your Sun Sign Says…
The sun sign we’re born under, influences the kind of men we fall for too. Can you believe that? Well, it does kind of make sense, for all of us prefer certain kind of guys over others. What is it that makes you fall for guys, then? Here’s what your zodiac says...


You are a bundle of energy, Aries, and so it comes as no surprise that you fall for guys who can match your level of energy. You have a soft spot for men who are kind and charming, because it takes a really good charmer to hold your attention and keep it. And kindness never fails to steal your heart.

aries - type of guy you fall for

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You are fiercely loyal to your loved ones and expect the same from them too. You tend to fall for guys who are extremely strong, purposeful and opinionated. However, your arguments are often epic ‘coz neither of you two are ready to budge. But that’s the spice in your otherwise sweet relationship.

taurus - type of guy you fall for


You, Gemini are a crazy, crazy person, who has two completely different and yet completely real sides to herself. You are always looking for something new and exciting in life, and you fall for men who are just as curious, alive and excited as you are. You just want to escape the humdrum of life that so many people follow, and nothing enthralls you like a guy who can give you just that.

gemini - type of guy you fall for

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Not everyone feels everything so deeply, like you do, Cancer. Not everybody can empathise with and understand the human emotion, like you can. And so the guys you fall for can not be the insensitive kind. They need to be emotionally available and trustworthy. It just can’t be any other way. Which is also why most of the time, you find yourself falling for a friend or a colleague that you know and depend upon for emotional support.

cancer - type of guy you fall for


You are used to getting your way around people and demanding their full attention all the time, and so, the only chance any guy has of being noticed by you is by being so creative and intelligent that you can’t possibly ignore him. You judge people by their personalities and the guys you fall for aren’t your regular homeboys, but one in a million - just like you.

leo - type of guy you fall for


You are the rational, practical person, who doesn’t follow her heart as much as she listens to her head. You fall for a guy who is quiet and deep, and nurtures your logical inside, and more importantly, understands it. Someone you can have deep conversations with, not just small talks.

virgo - type of guy you fall for


You are a people person, Libra, and many are envious of your social life. No wonder, the guys you fall for are also always oozing confidence and charm. That’s what attracts you towards them - their ability to engage in interesting conversations and make friends with anyone, any time. Nothing in a man turns you on more than his self confidence and fearlessness.

libra - type of guy you fall for


You tend to fall for popular guys, and you do this without even knowing. There is something about a guy who starts a party, inspires people and is a favourite among many, that makes you want to be his one and only. Truth be told, it’s like a challenge to you, to be special to him, who is special to many.

scorpio - type of guy you fall for


You are a fun-loving person, who wants to collect moments and experiences in life, rather than things. And so, guys you fall for are usually ones who are always seeking adventure and looking to try new things. What makes your heart skip a beat is a boy who is open minded, and isn’t restricted by stereotypes of any kind.

saggittarius - type of guy you fall for

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No one is as determined to achieve their goals, as you are, Capri - and you often fall for the kind of guys who are driven by the same determination. You find it hard to resist men who are hard working, persistent and serious about following their dreams.

capricorn - type of guy you fall for


You are the kind of person everyone loves. You just give out that vibe to people that makes them happy about themselves around you. And yet, the type of guy you fall for is the artistic kind, who stays in a world of his own, often not caring about the world around him. His original point of view and different perspective are what make your heart melt.

aquarius - type of guy you fall for


You are probably the most creative among your group of friends, and the kind of guys you fall for usually are the opposite of you. You often find yourself immensely attracted to practical, logical boys who are miles away from your fantasy world, maybe because they give you the dose of real life all of us need?

pisces - type of guy you fall for

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