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Your *Underwear* Might Be The Reason You Have Love Handles!

Your *Underwear* Might Be The Reason You Have Love Handles!
We’ve heard the term “love handles” and we hope to stay far far away them. We’ll tell you what it really is. The fat that accumulates above the waistline, that some also refer to as a muffin top. The fat is generally loose and sits on our waist right above the beltline.

Now, the real reason for excessive fat around the middle is obviously the fact that the core isn’t strong enough. Thus, it’s easiest for fat to settle there. But the less obvious reason and actually a more prevalent one is wearing tight clothes - especially underwear that is too small.
1 underwear and love handles

Yes, tight underwear pushes the fat above the connective tissue, causing cellulite in the bum and love handles around the waist. The reason is that the tight elastic on the panties cuts off blood circulation and hinders normal movement of the tissues, leading to small deposits around the waist. Now, this is avoidable to a certain extent.

Make sure to try underwear on before buying it. Your size varies from brand to brand and you cannot assume that you’ll fit into the same size everywhere. You can put it on top of the panty that your are wearing for hygienic purposes. If the elastic fits rightly, you’ll be able to pull it and not feel discomfort.

2 underwear and love handles

Now that you know what causes fat to accumulate around your midriff, pick underwear with a broader elastic waist, the right size and the right material. Choose wisely! You’ve got enough love anyway, why do we need them love handles?

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