Perfect Hairstyles For Every Neckline If You Have Longer Hair!

Perfect Hairstyles For Every Neckline If You Have Longer Hair!
From pretty off-shoulders to boat necks, it’s time you started letting your hair complement your neckline to really maximize your look. Should you leave it up or down, and how should you style it? We give you the best hairstyles for every neckline you own.

1. The Off-Shoulder Neckline

1 hairstyles for every neckline

Image: Deepika Padukone on Instagram

Half-up Half Down – Pinning back half your hair with pretty pins or braids just adds to the feminine effect of this style.

A Chic Ponytail – Sleek, messy or textured – you can try any kind of ponytail you like to seriously show off those gorgeous shoulders. Sex up the look and be party-ready.

Textured and Loose – Feel free to leave your locks loose if you’re feeling a bit bare. Use a sea salt spray to scrunch and tousle for some playful texture and movement. Another way to get gorgeous waves minus the frizz is to twist your hair up when it is damp and pull into a bun till it’s dry.

2. The Square Neckline

2 hairstyles for every neckline

Image: Ami Patel on Instagram

Sleek Low Bun – Add a polished edge to the look with a tight, low bun. Add a side part for a seriously refined touch.

On One-Side – Sweeping pretty waves to one side adds a romantic touch to this neckline.

Behind-The-Ear Tuck – A sleek blow dry with your hair tucked behind your ears to show off your shoulders is effortlessly pretty. Slipping on a hairband can also be a great idea.

3. The Round Neck or Boat Neck

3 hairstyles for every neckline

Image: Namrata Soni on Instagram

Pretty updo – A loose, soft bun screams pretty. A bare neck and bits of your shoulders on display definitely bring some sexiness in a subtle way.

Loose and Back – Let your hair down but make sure it stays behind your shoulders. You can wear it straight, wavy or curly, whatever your natural texture is.

Pinned Back – If you want to keep the look girly, pin back top sections of hair for a feminine vibe.

4. Strapless Necklines

4 hairstyles for every neckline

Image: Shilpa Shetty on Instagram

Low, Loose Bun – A soft knot with loose tendrils is a sweet look when you’re going sans straps.

Pretty Ponytail – A high swishy ponytail or a loose, side pony is perfect for a strapless outfit and helps open up your face.

Side Braid – A messy fishtail on one side will make for a look that is totally on-point.

5. Halter or V-Shaped Necklines

5 hairstyles for every neckline

High Undone Braid – Channel Serena from Gossip Girl by creating a messy braid in a high ponytail. Finish off with statement earrings.

Slicked Back – A little bit of gel is all you need on the front and top to comb back your hair for this sexy, red-carpet-ready look.

Side Swept – Pin your hair to one side to show off your back and complement this neckline beautifully.

6.  One Shoulder Neckline

6 hairstyles for every neckline

Image: Sanam Ratansi On Instagram

Half-Up, Half Down – This looks even better with pretty, cascading waves.

Loose Side Braid – An undone braid on the side of the strap helps flaunt the style while looking feminine and cute.

Bun + Hairband – A simple knot paired with a pretty, embellished hairband can help dress up the look and let the neckline be the star.