The First Time My Boyfriend... Spanked Me!!

The First Time My Boyfriend... Spanked Me!!
My boyfriend loved my butt - I always knew that. He would say it often enough - cute little compliments that would make me smile and feel ever so pretty. But what I didn’t realize until later was how much he loved it!

It was only a month or so after Sahil and I started sleeping together that we decided to move beyond missionary and start experimenting with more exciting positions. Girl-on-top, standing up, so on and so forth. But the one position we both came to realize we loved the most was from the back. A.k.a. doggie style. And so inevitably, no matter where or in what position we’d start out in, that would always be how things ended.

One night, we decided to amp things up even further. My house was empty since my flatmates were out of town, so it seemed like the perfect time to make good use of the dining table and act out a couple more of our slightly risque fantasies. We started making out, and soon we were thoroughly turned on. Within minutes, I was naked, leaning against the table, my arms braced on it, back to him, full of anticipation…when I suddenly felt a sudden smack on my butt.

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“Oww!” I yelped in shock and turned around to face Sahil. This was totally unexpected, and my butt was stinging a bit. “What...what are you doing?” I stammered.

boyfriend spanked me

He drew close and pulled me into his arms. His gaze intent, he asked me, “Are you hurt?”

“Umm, no…” I whispered. It didn’t actually hurt much - I had just been completely shocked. “Good,” Sahil said, swooping in for the hottest, sexiest kiss I’d ever experienced. As his hands did wicked things to me, he nuzzled my neck and said, “Would you like to try again?”

“Oh yes,” I moaned, more turned on than I could have imagined at the thought of the guy I loved taking control that way. Any lingering sensation of pain had faded at the thrill of the situation, and I was more than ready to get kinky with my boy.

I ended that evening with my butt a bit sore but unbelievably satisfied. The power play and the edge added to my pleasure and that teensy-weensy bit of pain - I don’t have the words to describe how incredible it was. And it was made even better by the fact that Sahil kissed and cuddled me afterwards, and then gently, lovingly massaged me until every sensation other than boneless bliss had fled from my mind and body.

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That was almost two years. We have, since then, even moved a bit further on and tried a paddle. We’re not quite ready for whips and stuff - but who knows, maybe someday! It isn’t just him doing it to me, though - sometimes I take control, and pay him back in kind for all the naughty, sexy things he does to me! ;-)

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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